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Library Moving to Chip Technology

Mar 252016

Over the last few months you may have wondered what the carts and power cords throughout the library were all about. We are about to achieve another long-term goal of ours; placing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips in all of the library’s materials. No longer needing the line of sight required by barcodes, staff and customers will be able to check out 4-5 items at a time. The new chip technology will also greatly enhance the library's efficiency so staff have more time to spend with you, the customer.


In the next week or two, you will notice new security gates as you enter and leave the library. This is also a product of the new chip technology.

More effective security will drastically reduce library loss from theft and the inadvertent failure to check materials out, providing much better inventory control of library materials. The library is also installing an Automatic Material handling System. The new system will give the customer a receipt for the times you return to the library. The system will consist of 9 bins, automatically sorting items, which reduces staff time and allows us to get your reserves faster and books back on the shelf quicker.


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