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Additional Parking is Almost Here!

Mar 252016

You may have seen a lot of activity behind the library the last couple of months. We are at long last in the process of achieving one our long-term goals of additional parking. In partnership with the City of Westerville, we are adding a little over 100 additional parking spaces. This will make using the library even more convenient and also help with Uptown parking for the city’s many events and our Uptown shoppers.


Construction in progress, March 29, 2016.

We thank the public for your patience.  It's never a bad thing when a public library needs more parking!


Lindsay31 March, 2016Is the park that was ripped up to make way for the additional parking going to be replaced?
Tamara Murray31 March, 2016Lindsay, this project is being undertaken by the City of Westerville, who are graciously allowing us to share the new parking space for our customers. I am sure they would like to know that you miss the park and playground equipment. Feel free to contact them with your feedback: http://www.westerville.org/about-westerville/contact-us. All the best, Tamara - Web Content Librarian, Westerville Public Library
Andrea31 March, 2016While we loved to play at the park too and I was sad to hear that it might not be coming back, Alim Creek and Walnut Springs are both very close. A perk of the library was always to be able to play outside pre- or post-library, but thankfully Westerville is full of options close by IF the play park is not replaced.
jean31 March, 2016It's so sad to see that park area gone! The park was a huge draw to coming to the library especially in the summer.
Kathy31 March, 2016The playground will be replaced and put up on the other side of the path.
Kristy01 April, 2016It looks like they are planning to relocate the playground to the grassy area just south of the Train Depot. http://www.westerville.org/home/showdocument?id=23823
JoneDoe01 April, 2016I agree with Lindsay. I understand parking garages are way more expensive than parking lots but I would rather have seen them close the lot and build a 2 or 3 story garage behind the library than pave over land and take away the park. Poor decision by the city.

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