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Innovation and Imagination Space being Developed

Mar 252016

The Westerville Public Library is continuing to be much more than a place to find books, eBooks, DVDs and CDs. We are a community-gathering place and go well beyond the traditional role of a public library. The library is in the process of developing and implementing an Innovation and Imagination Center, commonly referred to as Maker Spaces. 3D Printing, laser engraving, sewing, button makers, banner printers, or any other special projects you may have can be accomplished at your library.


Photo of figures created using the library's 3D printing service.

You're only limited by your imagination. We can even help you with that! As you join us on our journey, you do so with the deep appreciation and gratitude of the library board and staff. We could never achieve our goals without your continued support and encouragement.

Library Moving to Chip Technology

Mar 252016

Over the last few months you may have wondered what the carts and power cords throughout the library were all about. We are about to achieve another long-term goal of ours; placing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips in all of the library’s materials. No longer needing the line of sight required by barcodes, staff and customers will be able to check out 4-5 items at a time. The new chip technology will also greatly enhance the library's efficiency so staff have more time to spend with you, the customer.


In the next week or two, you will notice new security gates as you enter and leave the library. This is also a product of the new chip technology.

More effective security will drastically reduce library loss from theft and the inadvertent failure to check materials out, providing much better inventory control of library materials. The library is also installing an Automatic Material handling System. The new system will give the customer a receipt for the times you return to the library. The system will consist of 9 bins, automatically sorting items, which reduces staff time and allows us to get your reserves faster and books back on the shelf quicker.


Additional Parking is Almost Here!

Mar 252016

You may have seen a lot of activity behind the library the last couple of months. We are at long last in the process of achieving one our long-term goals of additional parking. In partnership with the City of Westerville, we are adding a little over 100 additional parking spaces. This will make using the library even more convenient and also help with Uptown parking for the city’s many events and our Uptown shoppers.


Construction in progress, March 29, 2016.

We thank the public for your patience.  It's never a bad thing when a public library needs more parking!

Early Childhood Literacy: Our Continuing Focus

Nov 192015

For more than 200 years, a focus for America's public libraries has been early childhood literacy and lifelong learning.

It seems almost too simple to be true, but by regularly reading with children during their preschool years, you are giving them a headstart toward a successful education. With this in mind, your library, with funding from the Westerville Library Foundation, has joined hands with the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, an international program.


From left: Sondra Kowaluk, Westerville Library Foundation (WLF) president; Lynda Huey, WLF member; Don W. Barlow, Library executive director; Becky Rhubottom, WLF secretary; Ron Barrett, WLF treasurer; Deanna McDaniel, Library board president; and Paul Longenecker, WLF vice-president.

We will help you read with your child by mailing an age-appropriate book directly to your home under your child's name. A book will be sent each month from the Imagination Library organization to registered children under the age of five who reside in the library district (same boundaries as the Westerville City School district).

Each month, your child will look forward to a new and exciting book arriving in the mailbox, until he or she reaches the age of five. Each book is a free gift for your child to keep.

Registration begins at a special kick-off event at the library on January 9. Books will begin to arrive eight to ten weeks following registration.

Join us by getting on board the Imagination Library train.

5-Star Rating

Nov 032015

I am very please to announce that the Westerville Public Library has again received a 5-Star Rating from the Library Journal. More than 7,600 libraries across the country were evaluated, but only 261 received a starred rating. Only 85 libraries received a five-star rating!

Congratulations Westerville!

Donation by library and art supporters gives sculpture a permanent home

Aug 262015

Former member of the Westerville Library Foundation and the Westerville Parks Foundation, Eric Busch, along with his wife Susan, has presented the Westerville Library Foundation with funding to purchase the sculpture Cochlea Bench. The popular sculpture has been located on the library's lawn as a part of the "Public Art in Westerville Spaces" sculpture program - a yearly lease program initiated in 2011 by the Westerville Parks and Recreation Department, Westerville Parks Foundation and the Arts Council of Westerville - that has placed a variety of sculptures at sites throughout our community.



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