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The sugarland express (Blu ray)

On the town (Blu ray)

Duel (Blu ray)

Anchors aweigh (Blu ray)

1941 (Blu ray)

The Wrecking Crew
The Wrecking Crew
Originally made in 2008 and never released until now the film tells the story of the unsung musicians that provided the backbeat, the bottom and the swinging melody that drove many of the number one hits of the 1960s. It didn't matter if it was Nat 'King' Cole, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, The Monkees, The Byrds or The Beach Boys, these dedicated musicians brought the flair and musicianship that made the American 'west coast sound' a dominant cultural force around the world.

The Vaccine War
Now, in 2015, measles, mumps, and whooping cough are all making a comeback. Building on years of research, this updated documentary explores both the roots of the vaccine debate, and the latest chapter in the heated controversy: Are parents who choose not to vaccinate their children putting the health of our nation at risk? This is a compelling and timely report on an issue that remains highly emotional and deeply divisive.

Wild Kratts - Shark-Tastic
Includes four wild adventures with Martin and Chris Kratt: Stuck on sharks; Octopus Wildkratticus; Tortuga tune-up; Speaking Dolphinese.

Wild Kratts - Super Sprinters
Chris and Martin think that cheetahs can travel faster than any other creature. Aviva and archenemy Zach Varmitech compete to build a ground racer that can run even faster than a cheetah. All that speed makes the Kratt brothers want to fly with the world's fastest animal, the Peregrine falcon, which can hit top speeds of 240 mph!

Scott & Bailey - Season Three
Scott & Bailey - Season Three
Season three of the award-winning crime drama starring Suranne Jones (Unforgiven, Single Father) and Lesley Sharp (Afterlife, Cranford) returns with one case that rocks the Manchester police department across eight harrowing episodes.

Sons of Liberty
Sons of Liberty
As riots consume the streets of Boston, a dangerous game plays out between a British governor and ringleader Sam Adams, which escalates to extreme measures, street brawls, black market dealings, espionage, and murder. A sizzling, romantic affair percolates against a backdrop of rising civil unrest, the infamous Boston Tea Party, and Paul Revere's legendary ride. From the Battle of Lexington, a clash between the dedicated colonists and the superior British Army ensues.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Pulverizer Power
The Turtles encounter their very first fanboy, a teenager who dresses up in a costume to fight crime as: The Pulverizer! Then, The Pulverizer is back, and this time the Turtles actually want his help to battle Shredder and stop him before he creates a mutant army. Finally, Donnie's attempts to invent a cure for the mutated Pulverizer are interrupted when the lovesick teenager escapes and terrorizes April as Mutagen Man!

Ripper Street - Season 3
Inspector Edmund Reid travels deep into the seedy criminal London underworld hell-bent on taking back the blood-stained streets of Whitechapel. But Reid isn't fighting this battle alone. He's joined by Detective Inspector Bennet Drake, a hard man who prefers to let his fists do the talking, Captain Homer Jackson, a brash American with a voracious appetite for vice, and Long Susan, a madam with shady secrets.

Rx: The Quiet Revolution
Description: In this inspiring 90-minute documentary, filmmaker David Grubin - the son of a general practitioner - takes his camera across America from Maine to Alaska to introduce us to a diverse group of doctors, nurses, and health care professionals who are transforming the way we receive our medical care: lowering costs by placing the patient at the center of their practice.

Rectify Season 02
Daniel Holden is committed to living in the present. Unfortunately, there are many places and faces in his hometown that remind Daniel of the past; his incarceration, Hanna, and his role in Hanna's murder.

Red Army
A feature documentary about the Soviet Union and the most successful dynasty in sports history: the Red Army hockey team. Told from the perspective of its captain Slava Fetisov, the story portrays his transformation from national hero to political enemy. From the USSR to Russia, the film examines how sport mirrors social and cultural movements and parallels the rise and fall of the Red Army team with the Soviet Union.

Peg + Cat: Out on a Limb
Peg and her best friend Cat going on adventures solving math problems.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Sky Strike
Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Sky Strike
Power Rangers Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia, Jake, and Orion are in for the fight of their lives as they battle their greatest enemies yet - dimension-hopping Professor Cog, Prince Vekar's mighty Armada Megazord, Emperor Mavro and his Royal Guard, and Damaras, the most lethal warrior in the universe. And when Vrak returns, transformed and more powerful than ever, he will turn one of the Power Rangers' most trusted allies against them.

Ray Donovan - The Second Season
Ray Donovan - The Second Season
Ray Donovan, Boston bouncer turned Hollywood crisis fixer, can protect just about anything except the unity of his family. As his estranged ex-con father dodges the law, Ray's lonely wife Abby finds herself drawn to a cop. Son Conor may be too close to home while daughter Bridget is slipping away. Can he hold the pieces of his family together while going to bat for celebrities in crisis? In this sharp, edgy second season, Ray finds that what he wants the most is the hardest thing to fix.

Nature - Animal Homes
Animals build homes to provide a safe and stable place to raise a family. The three-part series investigates how animals build their amazing homes and the intriguing behaviors and social interactions that take place in and around them. Ecologist Chris Morgan serves as our guide and real estate agent, evaluating and deconstructing animal homes, their material, location, neighborhood and aesthetics.

Nature - Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La
A true story of a family of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys living in the highest forests in the world. Recently discovered, snub-nosed monkeys are hauntingly beautiful primates, different and gentler than others of their kind. This unique monkey society was formed in response to the hardships of the Himalayas. Their survival depends not just upon strong defensive strategies; it also relies upon the cooperation and interdependence of them all.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - Jurassic Pac
The diabolical Dr. Buttocks clones an army of radio controlled 'rehistoric Pacasaursto to attack Pacworld. Only the primitive throwback 'PacCong' can stop the savage saurians, but who's gonna stop Pac Cong.

Killing Jesus
Based on the New York Times best seller by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard, the film is an epic motion picture event chronicling the life and death of Jesus as never before. This thought-provoking account adds new context to the story of Jesus and the conflicts that led to his demise.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Cutie Mark Quests
Each cutie mark is a unique symbol of what makes each pony special. Join Twilight Sparkle and her best friends as they use their special talents and the magic of friendship to keep Ponyland safe and fun!

Invisible Universe
Twenty-five years ago, NASA launched one of the most ambitious experiments in the history of astronomy: the Hubble Space Telescope. This single telescope has helped astronomers pinpoint the age of the universe, revealed the birthplace of stars, and uncovered black holes lurking at the heart of galaxies. In honor of its anniversary, Nova tells the remarkable story that forever changed our understanding of the cosmos and our place in it.

John Denver: Country Boy
The definitive documentary explores the private life and public legacy of John Denver. Exclusive accounts from those closest to him reveal the man behind the music in an intimate profile to mark the anniversary of his 70th birthday. Featuring pivotal people in Denver's life, from his former managers to his son, brother, and former wives. Bonus features include never-before-seen extended interviews!

Justified - Season 6
Raylan sets out to find out more about the mysterious group buying up land in Harlan, Boyd tries to make a profit off the ledger from the bank heist, and Ava is stuck in the middle of everything.

Glee Complete Sixth Season
Glee Complete Sixth Season
In the exhilarating, heart-rending final season, club favorites reunite and a new group of young performers takes center stage. Following her disastrously short sitcom career, Rachel returns to McKinley High to find Principal Sue Sylvester trampling the arts, including the glee club. Without missing a beat, Rachel and a newly single Kurt set out to revitalize New Directions, hoping for a shot at the national title.

If You Build It
Follows designer-activist Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller to rural Bertie County, the poorest in North Carolina, where they work with local high school students to help transform both their community and their lives. Living on credit and grant money and fighting a change-resistant school board, Pilloton and Miller lead their students through a year-long, full-scale design and build project that does much more than just teach basic construction skills.

Inside the Court of Henry VIII
Part Renaissance prince, part medieval tyrant, Henry VIII is the most famous of English kings. Venture beyond the facade of his glamorous court to understand the danger and intrigue that routinely cost courtiers their heads.

Dick Cavett's Vietnam
Reexamines the Vietnam War and its impact on America through the prism of interviews conducted by the iconic host of The Dick Cavett Show from 1968-75. Those interviews, combined with archival footage, network news broadcasts, and newly filmed interviews with Cavett and other experts, provide fresh insight and perspective on this controversial chapter of American history.

Dora the Explorer Dora Saves Fairytale Land
Dora the Explorer Dora Saves Fairytale Land
Fairytale Land is in trouble, and only magic water from Sparkling Lake can save it! Help Dora and Boots journey deep into the Never-to-be-Seen-Again Forest to bring magic back to Fairytale Land!

The Fight for Yemen
With Yemen in chaos, a gripping report from the heart of the escalating conflict. The film exposes the violent feuds tearing the country apart, the rival anti-American and Al Qaeda aligned forces fighting for control and the dangerous consequences for the region.

Count on Elmo
Elmo, Grover, Abby, and Cookie secretly nominate Count von Count as the World's Greatest Counter. When the Nobel Counting Prize committee arrives to give him the prestigious award, the Count is nowhere to be found. His friends step in and do their best Count impression, but can they save the day?

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Daniel and his family love spending time outside in their neighborhood. Daniel learns about swimming safely at the beach and visits the Enchanted Garden to pick strawberries. When a windstorm makes a mess of the neighborhood playground, Daniel and his friends work together to clean up. So, let's make the most of a beautiful day in Daniel's neighborhood!

Dawn of Humanity
Nova and National Geographic present exclusive access to an astounding discovery of ancient fossil human ancestors. Deep in a South African cave, a special team of experts has brought to light an unprecedented wealth of fossils belonging to a crucial gap in the record of our origins that spans the transition between the ape-like australopithecines (such as the famous Lucy) and the earliest members of the human family.

Caillou Caillou Helps Out
Caillou loves to help out! From helping his dad make pizza to learning the importance of tidying up the classroom, Caillou realizes that lending a hand and working together makes everything easier and more fun! DVD features seven inspiring stories including 'Emma's Extra Snack' where Caillou learns that while his friend Emma has diabetes, it doesn't stop her from participating in all her favorite activities!

Children of Giant (DVD)

Louie : the complete third season

Jupiter ascending (Blu ray)

Jupiter ascending (DVD)

The SpongeBob movie : sponge out of water (Blu ray)

The SpongeBob movie : sponge out of water (DVD)

Leviathan (DVD)

The pyramid (Blu ray)

Project Almanac (Blu ray)

Project Almanac (DVD)

Hot tub time machine 2 (Blu ray)

Hot tub time machine 2 (DVD)

The pyramid (DVD)

The lazarus effect (Blu ray)

The lazarus effect (DVD)

Focus (Blu ray)

Focus (DVD)

Mr. Bean : the whole Bean (complete series) (DVD)

Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman Season 5
Exploring topics from gravity to poverty, these ten episodes set out on scientific quests for the long-sought answers to man's most puzzling questions. Does the ocean think? Is a zombie apocalypse possible? Is there such thing as a shadow universe? And just when did time begin? Quantum physicists, biologists, statisticians, neuroscientists, and more of the world's greatest minds take a synergistic approach to provide practical answers and pose even more questions.

Tom & Jerry - Spy Quest
Tom and Jerry become involved in the world of espionage, when Tom inadvertently gets his paws on a top secret code, which all the spies are after.

Mythbusters Collection 12
Fill three discs with twelve episodes of crazy science mayhem. Dump the two hosts, Adam and Jamie, on a deserted island, with nothing but duct tape to survive. Mix in a fire-and-ice showdown, complete with a homemade flamethrower. Add an eyebrow-raising Battle of the Sexes. Test some wacky theories, like 'Will super-gluing yourself to the seat work better than a seatbelt?' And 'Can bubble-wrap really break a multistory fall?'

Strange Magic
Strange Magic
A music-filled fairy tale about finding true love in the unlikeliest of places. Features a host of colorful characters, including a princess who has sworn off love, a dubious villain, a slightly nutty Sugar Plum Fairy, a tenacious elf, a mischievous imp, and a knight who is no Prince Charming.

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best in Show
Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best in Show
Join Strawberry shortcake and some new furry friends in these delightful 'tails' about being one's self and encouraging others to do the same. During his road trip to find homes for his orphan puppies, Huckleberry Pie and his four-legged crew get stranded in Berry Bitty City. Luckily, Strawberry and her berry best pals decide to help out with the strays in 'A boy and His Dog's' Blueberry Muffin and Huck become 'Partners in Crime' when they try to write a mystery story together.

Barney It's Showtime With Barney!
Barney is ready to put on a tee-rific show! While everyone is excited to see the Harambee Dance Troupe, it may be curtains for Melanie's movie premiere. Baby Bop worries about trying something new, as others around her share what they can do. Take center stage and sing along with Barney and his friends.

Curious George 3 Back to the Jungle
When Curious George is offered a special space mission, Ted can't deny his little friend this exciting journey, especially after Curious George completes the training. But when he crash lands in Africa, a worried Ted goes searching, expecting the worst, only to have it turn out to be the best.

Serena (Blu ray)

Serena (DVD)

American sniper (Blu ray)

American sniper (DVD)

Wolf Hall (DVD)

Cheyenne the Complete 6th Season
Cheyenne continues to deliver its perfect mix of high drama and cowboy thrills in its sixth, penultimate season. The peripatetic pistolero continues to drift into jams that demand his kind of justice. From the cow towns of Texas to the rugged northwest, Cheyenne brings law to the lawless whether they are found behind a cattle quarantine, inside a railroad car, or behind a badge.

Cheyenne the Complete 7th Season
From shotgun marriages to abominable mountain-monsters, range wars to the state senate, amnesiac gunslingers to blind saloon singers, Cheyenne Bodie faces them all as he delivers his two-gun mix of justice and mercy across the plains. Long may he ride!

Cheyenne the Complete 4th Season
Cheyenne the Complete 4th Season
Cheyenne deals with the Mexican rebellion and Custer's last stand, among many other things, in season four of the TV Western hit. Features four discs with thirteen episodes that include guest appearances from Adam West, Lorne Greene, Connie Stevens, and George Kennedy.

Cheyenne the Complete 5th Season
Cheyenne the Complete 5th Season
Season five episodes include Cheyenne Bodie joining forces with Tom 'Sugarfoot' Brewster to save Bronco from a fiendish and clever crook. Other stops along the range include a return to Cheyenne's hometown, a fugitive run to Mexico and a visit to an imperiled ranch defended by Billy the Kid. Also features episodes 'The Long Rope'; 'Road to Three Graves'; 'Lone Patrol'; and 'The Greater Glory'.

Cheyenne the Complete 2nd Season
Cheyenne the Complete 2nd Season
Cheyenne Bodie rides again in more of the straightforward cowboy adventures that made the Cheyenne series. A loner in the lawless West brings a sense of justice to his heroics in these 19 wide-ranging, open-range episodes involving the powerful (President Grant is the target of kidnappers), the weak (an orphaned infant), rustlers, thieves, killers, connivers and Chief Sitting Bull.

Cheyenne the Complete 3rd Season
Cheyenne the Complete 3rd Season
Clint Walker returns in his iconic role of Cheyenne Bodie in the thrilling third season of the enduring western series. Cheyenne must face new obstacles in protecting the Old West, including facing a cruel and vicious killer preparing to wipe out an entire village, being trapped into traveling with a holdup gang and taking over as the leader of a wagon train heading to California.

An American Girl : Grace stirs up success (DVD)

Kettlebell bombshell with Lisa Balash (DVD)

Fifty shades of grey (Blu ray)

Fifty shades of grey (DVD)

Mommy (DVD)

Coach : the fourth season

Spare parts (DVD)

Seventh son (Blu ray)

Seventh son (DVD)

Mortdecai (Blu ray)

Mortdecai (DVD)

The loft (Blu ray)

The loft (DVD)

Touched by an angel : the eighth season

Touched by an angel : the seventh season

Touched by an angel : the sixth season

Touched by an angel : the fifth season

Still Alice (Blu ray)

Still Alice (DVD)

Teachers (Blu ray)

The strange affair of Uncle Harry (Blu ray)

Harry & son (Blu ray)

Dance with me, Henry (Blu ray)

White Collar Season 6
White Collar Season 6
The tension has never been greater as Neal Caffrey re-teams with FBI agent Peter Burke in their most ambitious sting operation yet - infiltrating a sophisticated gang of deadly thieves. With Elizabeth Burke pregnant, Neal desperate for his freedom, and amidst pressure from Mozzie for Neal to cut ties with the FBI, the scheme unfolds, culminating in the series' most shocking plot twist of all.

Unforgettable: The Third Season
Unforgettable: The Third Season
Join Detective Carrie Wells as she works high-profile cases in the NYPD Major Crimes Department while using her unique skill - a perfect memory that lets her remember every detail of her life - to help solve the crimes.

Transformers Rescue Bots - Return of the Heroes
The classic Transformers are joining the Rescue Bots team! The Rescue Bots, Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Bolder, are charged with the important task of protecting the town of Griffin Rock. Now, they are joined by Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to face any threat that comes to Griffin Rock, including the Autobots' nemesis, the Decepticons!

Two and a Half Men the Complete twelfth Season
Two and a Half Men the Complete twelfth Season
Walden Schmidt and Alan Harper have spent another year searching for the ideal life in their Malibu beach house. In the twelfthth and final season, Alan and Walden will continue their search for true love, contentment and the meaning of life. And they may actually find a couple of those things.

These Final Hours
A self obsessed man makes his way to a huge crazy party on the last day of Earth but ends up saving the life of a little girl who is searching for her father. Their relationship ultimately leads him on the path to redemption.

A satirical, dramatic and often comic look at the life of the modern day teacher. Alex Jurel, a once idealistic high school teacher now burned out by the system. With a lawsuit filed by an illiterate student, the recipient of a passing grade and diploma, Alex is surprised to learn that the lawyer assigned to handle the case turns out to be Alex's former star pupil.

Pretty Little Liars - Complete 5th Season
Season Five begins in the moments following the epic Season Four finale, in which Ezra was shot, among other shocking acts and revelations. Alison is alive and back in Rosewood, and everyone is affected by her return, but is she the same Alison after being on the run? Hanna's ex, Caleb, returns, but he, too, is changed. Plus, how does Mona fit into everything and what is Melissa hiding?

Rizzoli & Isles - Complete 5th Season
Despite being complete opposites, the two women share an offbeat chemistry, an authentic friendship and a unique working relationship that helps them solve Boston's most complex murders.

Parks & Recreation - Season Seven
Get ready to say goodbye to Leslie Knope, the world's most dedicated government employee. The year is 2017, and Leslie's life has changed dramatically: she's now the mother of triplets and works for the National Parks Department, but, most shockingly, has become sworn enemies with her former friend and mentor, Ron Swanson. Join Leslie's final acts of determination (and sometimes desperation) to make Pawnee, 'the greatest town in America, 'even better.

Parenthood - Season 6
Get ready to say goodbye to the Braverman family in the sixth and final season of Parenthood, the gripping series lauded by critics and beloved by viewers.

Orange is the New Black - Season Two
Orange is the New Black - Season Two
A fierce and funny series that follows Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) when a crime she committed in her past sends her to an all-women's prison with an unforgettable and irreverent group of fellow inmates.

Max & Ruby - Sharing and Caring
Max, a determined three-year-old bunny, and his big sister, Ruby, a smart, goal-oriented seven-year-old, offer an empowering message for children by showing Max and Ruby playing together and resolving their differences in ways that are respectful and supportive.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Pet Salon
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Pet Salon
Minnie and our favorite Clubhouse pals get all their pets ready for Pluto's All-Star Pet Show at Minnie's Pet Salon! Hot dog, cat and chicken, too! Everybody has a job to do: Goofy is the Pet Walker, Daisy's in charge of the Dog and Cat Wash, Donald's the Pet Groomer, Mickey's going to train the pets how to do tricks, and Pluto and Minnie are in charge of Pet-Sitting a bunch of kittens.

Major Crimes - The Complete Third Season
The elite team is back, headed by two-time Oscar? nominee Mary McDonnell as Los Angeles Police Captain Sharon Raydor, along with G.W. Bailey as Lieutenant Provenza, Tony Denison as Lieutenant Andy Flynn, Michael Paul Chan as Lieutenant Mike Tao, Raymond Cruz as Detective Julio Sanchez, Kearran Giovanni as Detective Amy Sykes, Phillip P. Keene as tech expert Buzz Watson, Jonathan Del Arco as Dr. Morales and Robert Gossett as Assistant Chief Russell Taylor.

Masters of Sex - The Complete Second Season
Following Bill's declaration in season one finale, Bill and Virginia resume their professional and personal relationship - both asserting it is to further the cause of their work. Virginia breaks the news to Ethan and Bill tries to be there for Libby and their new baby but finds it hard. Bill is struggling with getting his career back on track and Virginia is still working for Dr. DePaul but hungers for more.

Magician, The Astonishing Life & Work of Orson Welles
It looks at the remarkable genius of Orson Welles on the eve of his centenary - the enigma of his career as a Hollywood star, a Hollywood director (for some a Hollywood failure), and a crucially important independent filmmaker. Orson Welles's life was magical: a musical prodigy at age ten, a director of Shakespeare at fourteen, a painter at sixteen, a star of stage and radio at twenty, romances with some of the most beautiful women in the world, including Rita Hayworth.

Leslie Sansone Just Walk - The Tone Every Zone Walk
Includes three workouts options: Upper Body Circuit; Lower Body Circuit; and Fast Walk.

Law & Order: The 19th Year
Law & Order: The 19th Year
Dick Wolf's iconic series returns with a vengeance during its explosive Nineteenth Year as a chain of ripped-from-the-headlines cases brings both violent crime and political corruption to the forefront. There are 22 gripping episodes where the truth is anything but black-and-white. Polygamous cults, terrorism statutes, literary hoaxes, child slavery, nothing is taboo for New York's toughest investigative and legal teams.

Law & Order: The 18th Year
Law & Order: The 18th Year
The eighteenth year brings drastic changes to television's longest running crime series. Detectives Cyrus Lupo and Kevin Bernard become the newest additions to the 27th Precinct, and Michael Cutter joins the team as Executive Assistant District Attorney after the appointment of Jack McCoy to the New York County District Attorney seat.

Fed up with her abusive family situation, lack of school prospects and the boys' law in the neighborhood, Marieme starts a new life after meeting a group of three free-spirited girls. She changes her name, her style, drops out of school and starts stealing to be accepted into the gang. When her home situation becomes unbearable, Marieme seeks solace in an older man who promises her money and protection.

Harry & Son
Harry Keach, a widowed, blue collar, bythe- book construction worker whose less-than-ideal relationship with his sensitive, daydreaming son, Howard sets the story in motion. Frustrated by Howard's inability to take life seriously, Harry is soon confronted by his own mortality when an on-the-job accident offers him an opportunity to re-evaluate his life and shortcomings.

Falling Skies the Complete 4th Season
Falling Skies the Complete 4th Season
The pressure continues to mount for survivors as they try to regain control of earth. Keeping up their fight in the war is becoming increasingly difficult as their hopes of life after the alien destruction become more of a distant reality. With the new capitol in Charleston, the 2nd Mass could end up revisiting old territory.

Driving America
With surprising insights, the documentary reveals how the automobile has changed everything in America from where people live to the way they work, travel, and socialize.

Dance With Me, Henry
When business partners, friends and housemates Lou Henry and Bud Flick become involved in a money-laundering scheme, they risk not only their partnership and friendship, but jeopardize the welfare of the two orphaned children who they have taken into their home to raise. Add to the mix the hot-on-their heels welfare worker Miss Mayberry who considers the living arrangements to be less than ideal for the children.

Broadchurch - The Complete Second Season
The hit mystery drama series, set in a Dorset coastal town.

Call the Midwife: Season Four
Now nearing the 1960s, the community enters a new time of social change, while stories of birth, life and death continue to touch your heart. Will live-wire Nurse Trixie marry her young curate? What new project calls for a heart as big as Chummy's? How will Sister Evangelina react to two new nurses? And why does Sister Julienne appear so unsettled by a mystery benefactor?

Beauty and the Beast - Season 2
Beauty and the Beast - Season 2
After unlocking the secrets of Vincent Keller's beastly nature and yet opening her heart to him, detective Cat Chandler saw him ripped from her by dark forces. Now reunited, she finds him mysteriously different... missing his scar, memory wiped, more powerful than ever, and clearly on a mission. In order to reach the Vincent she loves, Cat must unravel the threads of what exactly happened during his abduction and who-or what- he has become.

Beloved Sisters
It depicts the unconventional romance between two aristocratic sisters and a rebellious poet who took the European literary world by storm in the late eighteenth century. As the German Enlightenment flourishes in Weimar, vibrant Caroline von Beulwitz finds herself in an unhappy marriage to provide for her mother and shy younger sister Charlotte von Lengefeld. When both sisters fall for outspoken writer Friedrich Schiller, their desire ignites a journey of shared passion and creativity.

Amira & Sam
Amira & Sam
Amira has a run-in with the police, so Sam takes her under his wing. Despite their differences, Sam and Amira share a common bond as outsiders. The more time they spend together, the harder it is for them to combat their feelings for one another. Meanwhile, Sam becomes entangled in an investment scheme and Amira's trouble with the law escalates to the brink of deportation.

Antarctica - A Year on Ice
Antarctica - A Year on Ice
A visually stunning journey to the end of the world with the hardy and devoted people who live there year-round. The research stations scattered throughout the continent host a close-knit international population of scientists, technicians and craftsmen. Isolated from the rest of the world, enduring months of unending darkness followed by periods when the sun never sets, Antarctic residents experience firsthand the beauty and brutality of the most severe environment on Earth.

Against the Sun
Three US Navy airmen crash land their torpedo bomber in the South Pacific and find themselves on a tiny life raft, surrounded by open ocean. Against incredible odds, these three virtual strangers must survive storms, sharks, starvation, and each other, as they try to sail more than a thousand miles to safety.

Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Day at the Races
Chuck, along with his best pals Digger, Boomer, Rowdy, Soku, Biggs and Handy are ready to 'race' into fun and adventure in the newest release of the series! Join Chuck and the rest of friends as they race each other to win a radio contest, form an astronomy club, create the perfect Mother's Day gift and more!

Runaway (DVD)

Selma (Blu ray)

Selma (DVD)

Paddington 2015 (Blu ray)

Paddington 2015 (DVD)

Black or white (Blu ray)

Black or white (DVD)

Inherent vice (Blu ray)

Inherent vice (DVD)

Squatters (DVD)

Mentor (DVD)

Mr. Turner (Blu ray)

Mr. Turner (DVD)

The boy next door (Blu ray)

The boy next door (DVD)

Blackhat (Blu ray)

Blackhat (DVD)

Black Sea (Blu ray)

Black Sea (DVD)

The gambler (Blu ray)

The gambler (DVD)

Zoolander (Blu ray)

The wedding ringer (Blu ray)

The wedding ringer (DVD)

50 To 1 (DVD)

Maps to the stars (DVD)

Sesame street: elmo the musical 2.
Sesame street: elmo the musical 2.
Come imagine, sing and learn along with Elmo in his very own math filled musicals. Will he be able to escort six kitty cows through a canyon to the Double Double Dude Dude Ranch Ranch? In another musical Elmo is a detective searching for a cube that is causing people to sneeze, can you be his assistant and help him investigate? There are many more adventures to enjoy in this monster sized dvd.

Wordworld - outdoor fun.

Hubble's cosmic journey.
A celebration of the Hubble Space Telescope's 25 years orbiting the planet. The story of one of the most remarkable advances in modern technology, as told by the people who designed, built, launched, operated and repaired the legendary observatory.

Taken 3 (DVD)

Cake 2015 (DVD)

Suits - season 04.
At last, Louis is gaining the leverage needed to finally achieve his ultimate goal - becoming partner of the firm. Meanwhile, the team at Pearson Specter is dealing with the major fallout of Louis Litt learning Mike's secret. Harvey and Jessica are faced with critical changes at the firm and defending one of their own.

Royal pains - season 6.
After Hank returns from his travels abroad with Boris, he quickly realizes coming home isn't always as easy as it seems.

Scooby-doo 13 spooky tales surf's up scooby-doo!.
Scooby-doo 13 spooky tales surf's up scooby-doo!.
For Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the rest of the crime-busting crew, life is never a day at the beach. So when the Gang go to a resort in Florida for a much-needed vacation, they kick back and enjoy some sun, sand and, a sea monster?! When a weird, water creature causes trouble in paradise by stealing precious jewels, the Gang will either sink, or swim to solve the case. Also, watch Scooby-Doo make a splash in twelve more fun-filled summertime episodes full of nautical nuisances.

Mentalist, the complete seventh season.
Mentalist, the complete seventh season.
The FBI's masterfully manipulative criminal consultant Patrick Jane is back for the seventh - and final - season of the clever crime series. Now that Agent Teresa Lisbon and Jane have confessed their love for one another, they must find a way to be partners in both their professional and personal lives as they begin their new relationship.

Lovejoy series 6.
Lovejoy is a roguish antiques dealer for the final episodes of the hit series. Joined by his ever-faithful friend Tinker and the beautiful Charlotte, Lovejoy charms his way through some last comedic adventures.

Father brown - season two.
The stakes are higher for Father Brown, who's joined once again by his secretary Mrs. McCarthy, socialite Lady Felicia Montague and her chauffeur Sid Carter who together must embark on another series of adventures to save the souls of the sleepy village of Kembleford. This season, Father Brown will face more sinister cases than ever before which will include exorcism, abduction, poison, and murder.

Food chains.
Food chains.
A powerful true story of one small group of workers overcoming corporate greed to end slavery and abuse in America's fields.

Dci banks - season three.
Dci banks - season three.
Stephen Tompkinson returns as Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks in three more gripping crime stories.

Death in paradise - season three.
Death in paradise - season three.
Bringing a dose of sunshine back to the small screen, the series returns for a third season of impossible murders on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Marie.

Covert affairs - season 5.
An inexperienced CIA trainee with top-notch linguistic skills becomes a field operative under mysterious circumstances.

Dalziel & pascoe - season 11.
Dalziel & pascoe - season 11.
The blunt-talking, politically incorrect Andy Dalziel once again pairs up with his younger, fast-tracked sidekick, Peter Pascoe, for a crime-solving marriage of opportunities. Season eleven sees the endearing duo investigate more difficult cases including the 20-year-old murder of a woman whose mummified remains emerge from the water during a cave rescue operation, an inquiry which rocks their world to its core.

Britain's bloodiest dynasty: the plantagenets.
Award-winning journalist and historian Dan Jones, an expert on the Middle Ages, tells this story. These four episodes will reveal a fresh perspective on the turbulent times that shaped history and Britain.



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Library Journal 5-Star Library
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