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The bronze (DVD)

The driftless area (DVD)

The confirmation (DVD)

Mr. right (Blu ray)

Mr. Right (DVD)

Keanu (Blu ray)

Keanu (DVD)

Meet the Blacks (Blu ray)

Meet the Blacks (DVD)

The meddler (2016) (Blu ray)

The meddler (2016) (DVD)

Regression (Blu ray)

Regression (DVD)

The lobster (2016) (Blu ray)

The lobster (2016) (DVD)

Elvis and Nixon (Blu ray)

Elvis and Nixon (DVD)

The huntsman : winter's war (Blu ray)

The huntsman : winter's war (DVD)

Ratchet and Clank (Blu ray)

Ratchet and Clank (DVD)

Rectify. The complete third season (DVD)

Finding your roots : season three (DVD)

Finding your roots : season two (DVD)

Finding your roots : season one (DVD)

Saving the ocean : season one (DVD)

Janis Joplin : little girl blue (DVD)

Michael Wood's story of England (DVD)

Every three seconds (DVD)

Nuclear Meltdown Disaster (DVD)

Kumu Hina (DVD)

Boy meets girl (DVD)

In their own words : Muhammad Ali (DVD)

The trials of Muhammad Ali (DVD)

I am Ali (DVD)

Buscando a Nemo (DVD)

Gotham. The complete second season (DVD)

Arrow. The complete fourth season (DVD)

The Flash. The complete second season (DVD)

A hologram for the king (Blu ray)

A hologram for the king (DVD)

Barbershop : the next cut (Blu ray)

Barbershop : the next cut (DVD)

Sing street (Blu ray)

Sing street (DVD)

When a college student starts having a recurring nightmare, she begins to believe that it's a suppressed memory. Her search to find the answers forces her to confront her past traumas, while at the same time, it helps her unlock a mystery that may bring a killer to justice.

When Bette Met Mae.
When Bette Met Mae.
Bette Davis and Mae West come alive again in this cleverly conceived film recounting the occasion of their first meeting in Hollywood at a party in 1973.

The White House : Inside Story.
It's America's most iconic residence - symbol of national history, and icon of democracy. From the Oval Office to the family dining room, through national crises and world wars, the 200-year story of the White House is the story of America itself.

Wild Kratts - Wild Reptiles.
The Gecko Effect, Crocogator Contest, Rattlesnake Crystal, Chameleon on Target.

Vicious: The Finale.
It returns for an hour-long special series finale, charting a year in the life of our beloved characters. Freddie and Stuart are back, joined as ever by Violet, Ash, Penelope and Mason. In spring, Freddie and Stuart attempt to hide their recently gained inheritance. Violet has financial troubles after her recent divorce and Ash struggles to meet his rent. Signs of Freddie and Stuart's expenditure, soon threatens the pretense as their home is overrun with guests.

Welcome to Leith.
Welcome to Leith.
It chronicles the attempted takeover of a small town in North Dakota by notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb. As his behavior becomes more threatening, tensions soar, and the residents desperately look for ways to expel their unwanted neighbor. With incredible access to both longtime residents of Leith and white supremacists, the film examines a small community in the plains struggling for sovereignty against an extremist vision.

Unreal - Season 1.
Unreal - Season 1.
A behind-the-scenes look at the chaos surrounding the production of a dating competition program.

Valley of the Kings.
Valley of the Kings.
A grandly scaled and ravishingly scenic adventure about the search for clues across the Sinai terrain offering proof of Biblical events. Set in 1900 and unfolding across landscapes of awesome beauty and breathtaking excavations, rough-hewn archaeologist Mark Brandon and determined explorer Ann Mercedes, striving to complete her late father's earlier discoveries, travel a route of intrigue, danger and romance to reach the lost tomb of Ra-Hotep before a murderous rival.

Royal Pains - Season 8.
The HankMed team returns for its final season. While Evan and Paige attempt alternative methods to have a baby, Evan juggles HankMed and running the hospital. Meanwhile, Divya contemplates the bst location for med school, as Jeremiah finds that research success is more complicated than he anticipated. Hank begins to examine what more is missing from his life when the team no longer needs his leadership.

Secrets of the Dead - Teotihuacan's Lost Kings.
Follow a team of international scientists documenting an archeological sensation: the exploration of royal tombs beneath the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacán. Not much is known about this long-lost society. When archeologists discover evidence of a sacrificial chamber beneath the famous Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, they find the clues that may finally tell us who these mysterious people were.

In a secluded valley in Iceland, Gummi and Kiddi live side by side, tending to their sheep. Their ancestral sheep-stock is considered one of the country's best and the two brothers are repeatedly awarded for their prized rams who carry an ancient lineage. Although they share the land and a way of life, Gummi and Kiddi have not spoken to each other in four decades. When a lethal disease suddenly infects Kiddi's sheep, the entire valley comes under threat.

When Sky introduces his new fiance Linda to his best pal Jeff, he's dismayed when he's dumped over lunch and the two decide to elope. An obsessed workaholic who repeatedly stands her up, Jeff is barely married to Linda before she files for divorce. Determined to save the marriage, Sky slips them an amnesia drug that will erase the recent past in hopes Jeff and Linda will get back together by learning to forgive and forget.

Person of Interest: The Complete fifth Season.
In season five, the cold war is over. The world around us might look the same, but something has drastically changed. Samaritan's lethal 'correction has initiated its control. Finch's Machine is essentially dead. Shaw is still missing. And the team is once again hiding in plain sight. But with Samaritan's invisible grip tightening everywhere, will Finch be able to rebuild and resurrect The Machine? And if he does, will it be the same Machine when it comes back online?

A portrayal on the life of the courageous Neerja Bhanot, who sacrificed her life while protecting the lives of 359 passengers on the Pan Am flight 73 in 1986. The flight was hijacked by a terrorist organization.

Newhart Season 5.
Newhart Season 5.
Dick Loudon is the New Yorker who runs a small B&B in Vermont with his wife Joanna. Things operate a little different up in ski country as exemplified by their disparate group of friends and neighbors including Larry and his brother Darryl and his other brother Darryl.

Paw Patrol - Sports Day!.
Join the team as they overcome various obstacles and challenges to make some spectacular rescues.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Everybody's Favorite Fright.
Get ready for frightful fun! Twilight Sparkle and her friends meet a mysterious zebra in the Everfree Forest. Princess Luna enlists the help of the ponies to track down a magical force that turns dreams into nightmares. Fluttershy decides to overcome her fears and participate in Nightmare Night. Spike must share Twilight's attention with an owl and compete in dangerous dragon games. They can face any spooky adventure so long as they have the magic of friendship!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Soarin' Over Equestria.
All the Pegasi of Equestria agree that flying is fantastic fun! Join in high-flying excitement as Fluttershy works to overcome her self-consciousness to join the other Pegasi, Rainbow Dash gets some help from her friends to prepare for the Wonderbolts Reserves entrance exam, Pinkie Pie meets Gilda the Griffon and more. Whether in the air or on the land, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie are ready for friendship adventures!

Let's Learn: S.T.E.M. Vol. 2.
Let's Learn: S.T.E.M. Vol. 2.
Gear up for seven Nick Jr. adventures designed to introduce kids to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math! They'll tackle trajectory and springs with Blaze, work with wind power in Dora and Friends, learn about dinosaurs with PAW Patrol, and master math with Team Umizoomi!

London Spy.
London Spy.
What begins as a chance romance between two people from opposite walks of life - one an antisocial investment banker, the other a slacker romantic - quickly unravels when the reclusive banker disappears under suspicious circumstances, exposing his real identity as a spy and forcing his lover down a dark path to reveal the truth.

My Golden Days.
My Golden Days.
The story of Paul Dedalus, an anthropologist preparing to leave Tajikistan. Reflecting on his life, he has a series of flashbacks starting from his childhood in Roubaix; his mother's attacks of madness, his father's alienating depression. He remembers a student trip to the USSR, where a clandestine mission led him to offer up his own identity for a young Russian, whom he considered a phantom twin for the remainder of his life.

Land Before Time - Journey of the Brave.
Join the favorite dinosaurs, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike, on their exciting adventure to rescue Littlefoot's father. As they travel across strange landscapes and meet new friends, Etta, and Wild Arms. Littlefoot and friends discover that by pulling together they can overcome any challenge. Filled with fun songs, surprises, and laughter, it's an inspiring tale of friendship and courage that the whole family will treasure.

Let's Learn: S.T.E.M..
Let's Learn: S.T.E.M..
Nick Jr. introduces preschoolers to the exciting curriculum of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) that is a hot topic for parents and educators! Join your favorite Nick Jr. friends from Paw Patrol, Bubbles Guppies and more for exciting adventures and lessons in problem-solving and everyday technologies - perfect for jump-starting young imaginations and developing inquisitive minds!

Joseph - Carpenter of Steel.
Joseph - Carpenter of Steel.
Viewers will get a view of the Nativity story from the angle of Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus.

Kapoor & Sons.
Rahul and Arjun, two estranged brothers are forced to return to their childhood home when their 90 year old Grandpa gets a heart attack. While living under one roof, family secrets unravel and misunderstandings are on the verge of turning into tragedy. What follows is chaos, humor, heartache and redemption.

The Great Polar Bear Feast.
The film has extraordinary access to the work of scientist Todd Atwood, the lead polar bear scientist for the US Geological Survey. He has estimated that there has been a 40% decline in the polar bears around the South Beaufort Sea since 2006. It is an extraordinary decline, and he is determined to find out why. With more and more polar bears turning up year on year, scientists are determined to find out why this is happening.

Gaming in Color.
Gaming In Color is a feature documentary exploring the story of the queer gaming community. -- Diversity in video games is extraordinarily important, especially to the people who play them. Explore the story of the queer gaming community, 'gaymer' culture and events, and the rise of LGBTQ themes in video games.

Genius by Stephen Hawking.
Professor Stephen Hawking challenges a selection of volunteers to think like the greatest geniuses in history and solve some of humanity's most enduring questions. Professor Stephen Hawking reveals our true potential in a radical new science show which challenges a selection of volunteers and the viewer to think like the greatest geniuses of the past and answer some of humanity's toughest and most enduring questions.

Exile Nation.
The shocking reality of Tijuana's 'Zona Norte,' created by failed U.S. immigration policy. Follows U.S. deportees in Tijuana as they struggle to survive a cartel war zone, living in cardboard shacks and sewer pipes, creating an ever-expanding underworld of exiles.

Fear No Fruit.
Fear No Fruit.
A documentary that chronicles the rise of Frieda Caplan, the first woman entrepreneur on the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market in the 1960s. Caplan introduced over 200 exotic fruits and vegetables into U.S. supermarkets.

600 Miles.
After being kidnapped by a young Mexican gunrunner, a U.S. agent must use all his skills and training to befriend his captor and avoid certain death.

Business of Disaster.
Disasters are big business. An investigation with NPR into who profits when disaster strikes. The film focuses on Superstorm Sandy: the thousands still not home, the agencies that were supposed to help, and the companies that made millions.

Detective Story.
Detective Story.
Set amongst the hectic activity of a New York Police station, a principled, rigid detective's personal code becomes twisted from dealing with too many criminals.

The Boys of '36.
In 1936, nine boys from the University of Washington took the rowing world and a nation by storm, when their eight-oar crew team captured the gold medal at the Olympics in Berlin. The boy's victory, and the obstacles, inspired a nation struggling to emerge from the depths of the Depression.

Choya, a bandit who poses as the long lost son of a wealthy Texas rancher. Shamed by the kindness of his new family and attracted to his lovely sister, Choya vows to right the wrong hes done them. He rides out in search of the real missing heir, and into adventure as big as the western sky.

Bad Hurt.
Bad Hurt.
A NYC family is overcome with chaos as a son returns from war and a handicapped daughter requires increasing care. But through their struggles shines a strong family bond that shows how determination can overcome even the darkest times.

Bikes Vs. Cars.
Bikes Vs. Cars.
Cars would seem to provide the lure of freedom, but in many places, traffic is so bad that drivers spend hours every day just going short distances. The bike is a great tool for change, but powerful interests who gain from the private car invest billions each year to lobby and advertise to protect against the encroachment of bicycles. Meet activists and thinkers who are fighting for better cities, who refuse to stop riding despite the increasing number killed in traffic.

Blondie of the Follies.
Blondie of the Follies.
Practical working girl Blondie McClune has her head turned by the world of her showgirl buddy Lottie, and by Lottie's suave suitor Larry. Despite the misgivings of her 'old-time' father, she joins the follies and strives to keep her friendships with Lottie and Larry on the level, but her conflicting emotions and ambitions won't let her.

Father of the bride (Blu ray)

Chisum (Blu ray)

House of cards. The complete fourth season (DVD)

O.J. : Made in America (ESPN Films 30 for 30) (DVD)

Casual : season one (DVD)

Criminal (2016) (Blu ray)

Criminal (2016) (DVD)

Batman v Superman : dawn of justice (Blu ray)

Batman v Superman : dawn of justice (DVD)

The mermaid (2016) (Blu ray)

The mermaid (2016) (DVD)

Everybody wants some !! (Blu ray)

Everybody wants some !! (DVD)

The Doctor Blake mysteries : season one (DVD)

Boy and the world (DVD)

Miracle in lane 2 (DVD)

Batman : the killing joke (Blu ray)

Batman : the killing joke (DVD)

Mother's day (2016) (Blu ray)

Mother's day (2016) (DVD)

God's not dead 2 (Blu ray)

God's not dead 2 (DVD)

I saw the light (Blu ray)

I saw the light (DVD)

Death in paradise. Season four (DVD)

Miles ahead (Blu ray)

Miles ahead (DVD)

The dresser (2016) (DVD)

Hardcore Henry (Blu ray)

Hardcore Henry (DVD)

11.22.63 (DVD)

The boss (2016) (Blu ray)

The boss (2016) (DVD)

Miracles from heaven (Blu ray)

Miracles from heaven (DVD)

Green room (2016) (Blu ray)

Green room (2016) (DVD)

Murdoch mysteries. Season 9 (DVD)

The Walking Dead - Season 6.
The Walking Dead - Season 6.
Season six opened with the survivors hunkered down in the Safe Zone, where many of the new episodes are expected to take place. And with it, we can expect producers to delve into the back-story of many of the most elusive characters from last season.

Wild Ways.
From Yellowstone to the Yukon, to Southern Africa's elephant highways stretching across five nations, explore how newly established wildlife corridors may offer a glimmer of hope to some of our planet's most cherished-but endangered-species.

Wordworld: It's Time for School.
Shark's First Day At School, The Best Nest, Sandbox Surprise, Duck At Bat, Totally Terrific Duck, Tick Tock Space Clock, Dog Wants To Play Ball, Welcome Home, Duck.

Sesame Street. Elmo's Favorite Stories.
Elmo has a lot of favorite stories, and he wants to share them all with you. Join Sesame Street's furry red monster and friends as they read all about Humpty Dumpty and Maria the Cowgirl. Can they reenact Maria's showdown with Bad Duck without ruining the happy ending? These furry little monsters also love making up their own stories. Rosita writes a story about her Mexican heritage, Elmo illustrates his Letter G Adventure and Rosita write their very own princess story.

Line of Duty Series 3.
The critically acclaimed drama returns for six more riveting episodes. In this season, DC Kate Fleming and DS Steve Arnott of AC-12 investigate the conduct of Sergeant Danny Waldron of the Armed Response Unit.

Inspector Lewis Series 8.
Oxford's favorite detectives Lewis and Hathaway return for the eighth and final series of the hit series. Investigating the city's most complex and intriguing crimes, Lewis clashes with the new Chief Superintendent, who questions his traditional approach. Will Lewis decide to call time on his policing career? Meanwhile, Hathaway is forced to confront his past.

Endeavour Series 3.
Set in 1967 and picking up from the dramatic second series finale that saw Endeavour Morse placed in police custody, framed for a murder he didn't commit and DI Fred Thursday's life hanging in the balance after being shot.

Halt and Catch Fire - The Complete Second Season.
The sophomore season of the hit tech-centered drama hits the ground running. It's March 1985. More than a year has passed since Joe MacMillan set fire to a truck full of Cardiff Giant PCs, the last in a long string of destructive acts that burned the people that made the machine possible. The Giant is about to go the way of the dinosaur, like any number of personal computers to enter the market in the wake of IBM. The lesson is harsh but clear.

Dino Dan - Dinobusters.
Join junior dinosaur expert Trek Henderson as he imagines dinosaurs into the real world. When his friends come over, Trek tells them the story of a haunted house, which turns out to not have ghosts but instead has dinosaurs! Who ya gonna call? Dinobusters! Enjoy seven more dino-rrific adventures with Trek and friends!

Caillou Goes for the Gold.
Caillou and his friends have a lot of fun participating in sports together! With patience and practice, Caillou becomes more confident as he gets better and stronger. When Caillou realizes that winning isn't the most important part of playing the game, he develops a healthy love of sports.

Children of Syria.
The story of four children surviving in war-torn Aleppo, and their escape to a new life in Germany. The film follows the family over three years, from the siege of their city, to the kidnapping of their father, to the struggle of becoming refugees.

Bombing Hitler's Supergun.
In 1943, Hitler hatches a diabolical weapon: a bank of 'superguns' housed in a massive underground complex in Nazi-occupied northern France. Together, the guns would be able to pump 600 high explosive shells 100 miles to London each hour, spelling doom for the Allies. Engineers, archaeologists, and WWII historians investigate this fearsome weapon and two audacious missions designed to destroy it.

The 100 - The Complete Third Season.
The 100 - The Complete Third Season.
Reunited with the survivors of the space-station Ark that fell to Earth, Clarke Griffin and her band of juvenile delinquents have faced death at every turn: from a world transformed by radiation to the fierce Grounders who somehow managed to survive it, and the double-dealing Mountain Men from the fortified Mount Weather, whose civilized environment masked a horrible secret.

A perfect day (DVD)

Allegiant (2016) (Blu ray)

Allegiant (2016) (DVD)

The family fang (DVD)

Izombie. the complete second season (DVD)

Synchronicity (Blu ray)

Synchronicity (DVD)

The perfect match (2016) (Blu ray)

The perfect match (2016) (DVD)

LEGO DC Super Heroes : Justice League : Gotham City Breakout (DVD)



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