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Legendborn / Tracy Deonn.

Legendborn /  Tracy Deonn.
After her mother dies in an accident, Bree Matthews wants nothing to do with her family memories or childhood home. A residential program for bright high schoolers at UNC-Chapel Hill seems like the perfect escape-- until Bree witnesses a magical attack her very first night on campus. A young mage who calls himself a 'Merlin' attempts-- and fails-- to wipe Bree's memory of everything she saw. His failure unlocks Bree's own unique magic and a buried memory with a hidden connection: the night her mother died, another Merlin was at the hospital. Now she'll do whatever it takes to find out the truth, even if that means infiltrating the Legendborn as one of their initiates. -- adapted from jacket

The bookweaver's daughter / by Malavika Kannan.

The bookweaver's daughter /  by Malavika Kannan.
In the ancient Indian kingdom of Kasmira, stories don't begin with once upon a time. Instead, Kasmiris start a woman's story with those who came before her: her parents, grandparents, ancestors. For fourteen-year-old Reya Kandhari, her story always starts the same: with the fabled line of Bookweavers, tracing centuries back to the lost Yogis--the mythical guardians of Kasmiri culture who created the world itself. As a result, Reya's entire life has been shaped by words. Words of mystique and mythology. Words of magic that allow her father, the Bookweaver, to bring his stories to life. Words of power that make him the target of tyrants who will stop at nothing to destroy magic in Kasmira. Living in disguise as a peasant in the fields, Reya's sole focus is protecting the Bookweaver's secret. But when her father is taken, Reya must flee deep into the jungle, alone with her best friend Nina and one ancient book. Grappling with Reya's newfound magic, the two girls find themselves in the center of a war of liberation where magic reigns unchecked, and destiny takes a dark turn. As the stakes get higher, Reya realizes that her father's legacy contains more power than she ever imagined. For Reya Kandhari is more than just a fugitive--she is a symbol of revolution. And that makes her a threat. In a tale of magic, Indian lore, and radical female friendship, Reya must pass the final test: the Bookweaver's daughter must weave her own destiny. The fate of Kasmira depends on it.

Queen of volts / Amanda Foody.

Queen of volts /  Amanda Foody.
Return to the City of Sin, where the perilous final game is about to begin...The players? Twenty-two of the most powerful, most notorious people in New Reynes. With no choice but to play, Enne and Levi are desperate to forge new alliances and bargain for their safety. But any misstep could turn deadly when a far more dangerous opponent appears on the board-- one plucked straight from the city's most gruesome legends. While Levi hides behind a mask of false promises, Enne is finally forced out from behind hers and as the game takes its final, vicious turn, these two must decide once and for all whether to be partners or enemies. Because in a game for survival, there are no winners....There are only monsters.

As the shadow rises / Katy Rose Pool.

As the shadow rises /  Katy Rose Pool.
Kingdoms have begun to fall to a doomsday cult, the magical Graced are being persecuted, and an ancient power threatens to break free. But with the world hurtling toward its prophesized end, Anton's haunting vision reveals the dangerous beginnings of a plan to stop the Age of Darkness--Provided by publisher.

The dark in-between / Elizabeth Hrib.

The dark in-between /  Elizabeth Hrib.
Pronounced dead on the beach during the year-end harbor party, Casey's sudden return to the living is shadowed by the drowning of her best friend, Liddy. She returns home for the summer, only to find that Liddy won't let her go. A series of violent nightmares and soulless whispers threaten to drive Casey mad, but when she watches a boy fall from the sky, she suspects she's actually crossed that line. When Red-- an angel fallen to earth to regain his wings-- takes her to Limbo, Casey must learn to walk between life and death in order to risk saving Liddy. -- adapted from jacket~After meeting an angel fallen to earth to regain his wings, sixteen-year-old Casey finds herself in Limbo, a place between the living and the dead, where angels and demons battle for souls and where Casey tries to save her best friend Liddy, the victim of a tragic accident.

The easy part of impossible / Sarah Tomp.

After an injury forces Ria off the diving team she forms an unexpected friendship with Cotton, a neuro-divergent boy who helps her to see that Coach Benny's training methods were actually abuse. Then Benny returns, offering Ria a second chance with a life-changing diving opportunity. How do you separate the impossible from possible when the one thing you love is so tangled up in the thing you fear most?

Fractured tide / Leslie Lutz.

Fractured tide /  Leslie Lutz.
Take the tourists out. Explore the reef. Uncover the secrets locked in the sunken craft. But this time the dive goes terribly wrong. Attacked by a mysterious creature, Sia Gianopoulos's boat is sunk, her customers are killed, and she washes up on a deserted island with no sign of rescue in sight. In the water is a monster that is still hungry; in the jungle just off the beach are dangers best left untested. Sia discovers a handful of survivors, and their best hope for finding answers may rest in the center of the island, at the bottom of a flooded sinkhole. -- adapted from jacket

Thorn / Intisar Khanani.

Thorn /  Intisar Khanani.
When she is betrothed to the powerful prince Kestrin, Princess Alyrra embarks on a journey to his land with little hope of escaping the confines of her royal life. Then a terrifying sorceress robs Alyrra of both her identity and her role as princess. And Alyrra seizes the opportunity to start a new life for herself as a goose girl. The more she learns of prince Kestrin and his kingdom, the pain and suffering its people endure, as well as the danger facing Kestrin from the sorceress herself, Alyrra is caught between two worlds. She must decide who she is, and what she stands for. -- adapted from jacket



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