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Does a seal smile? : think about how everyone says hello / by Harriet Ziefert ; illustrated by Emily Bolam.
cover image"Does a Seal Smile? explores the meanings of body and facial expressions in wild animals and people. A funny, kid-like question ("Does a coyote smile?") is shown with a realistic scenario (coyote howling), and thoughts/facts about how animals express themselves. Next, waves, smiles, frowns, hugs, kisses, and handshakes are explored, showing how humans express what they want, think, and feel."-- Provided by publisher.

The legend of Saint Nicholas / by Anselm Grün ; illustrated by Giuliano Ferri ; translated by Laura Watkinson.
cover image

Scary stories treasury : three books to chill your bones / collected from folklore and retold by Alvin Schwartz ; illustrated by Stephen Gammell.
cover imageMore traditional and modern-day stories of ghosts, witches, vampires, "jump" stories, and scary songs.

Hello world! : greetings in 42 languages around the globe! / by Manya Stojic.
cover imageChildren from around the world say "hello" in forty-two languages, from Amharic to Zulu.

Slide and slurp, scratch and burp : more about verbs / by Brian P. Cleary ; illustrations by Brian Gable.
cover imageCrazy cats illustrate the power of action verbs and linking verbs.

Chez moi : an introduction to commonly used French words and phrases around the home, with 500 lively photographs / Véronique Leroy-Bennett.
cover image

If... : a mind-bending new way of looking at things / written by David J. Smith ; illustrated by Steve Adams.
cover imageAuthor has found clever devices to scale down everything from time lines (the history of Earth compressed into one year), to quantities (all the wealth in the world divided into one hundred coins), to size differences (the planets shown as different types of balls).

Algebra and pre-algebra : it's easy! / Rebecca Wingard-Nelson.
cover image"Learn about variables, integers, expressions, and absolute values. Practice order of operations and multi-step problems." Presents a step-by-step guide to understanding pre-algebra and algebra, covering such concepts as variables, integers, expressions, and absolute values.-- Provided by publisher.

On the moon / Anna Milbourne ; illus. by Benji Davies ; designed by Laura Fearn.
cover imageHave you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the moon? This beautifully illustrated picture book will take you on a journey to find out. You can fly into outer space, walk on the moon and take a look at our world from a very, very long way away!

Parrot genius! : and more true stories of amazing animal talents / by Moira Rose Donohue.
cover imagePresents the stories of three amazing animals, including Einstein the genius parrot, Otis the skydiving dog, and Mudslinger a performing pig.

Horse escape artist! : and more true stories of animals behaving badly / by Ashlee Brown Blewett.
cover imageCollects three stories about animals causing chaos, including Mariska, the horse escape artist, Milkshake, the charging cow, and Pony, the runaway goat.

About parrots : a guide for children / Cathryn Sill, John Sill.
cover imageExplains what parrots are, how they live, and what they do.

About raptors : a guide for children / Cathryn Sill ; illustrated by John Sill.
cover imagePresents an introduction to raptors, describing their physical characteristics, the various ways in which they capture their prey, and how they care for their young.

Does an owl wear eyeglasses? : think about how everyone sees / by Harriet Ziefert ; illustrated by Emily Bolam.
cover image"Does an Owl Wear Eyeglasses? explores the eyes and sight-abilities of various animals--and why most don't need or won't ever wear glasses. This leads into an exploration of how humans are able to improve their natural sight (and see things well beyond what 20/20 vision offers) and how people with vision limitations handle their daily lives."-- Provided by publisher.

Does a tiger go to the dentist? : think about how teeth stay healthy / by Harriet Ziefert ; illustrated by Emily Bolam.
cover image"The ways animals and people use and keep their teeth healthy are explored in this title in Blue Apple's Think About...series. By contrasting the behavior of people and animals, the series helps young children understand what makes humans, and themselves, unique."-- Provided by the publisher.

Does a hippo go to the doctor? : think about how everyone keeps healthy / by Harriet Ziefert ; illustrated by Emily Bolam.
cover image"Does a Hippo Go to the Doctor? explores and explains why animals in the wild don't go to doctors, that some animals can be cared for by vets--but only people use professional medical services throughout their lifetime."-- Provided by publisher.

All about dogs / Jozua Douglas and Hiky Helmantel.
cover image

Animal jam : official insider's guide / Katherine Noll.
cover image

What are the chances? : the wildest plays in sports.
cover imageHighlights the achievements of history-making star athletes through photographs, facts, and statistics.

One Big Rain : Poems for Every Season / compiled by Rita Gray ; illustrated by Ryan O'Rourke.
cover image

Our flag : the story of Canada's Maple Leaf / written by Ann-Maureen Owens and Jane Yealland ; illustrated by Bill Slavin and Esperança Melo.
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