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Splitting an order / Ted Kooser.
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The new Deadwardians / Dan Abnett, writer ; I.N.J. Culbard, artist and collection cover artist ; Patricia Mulvihill, colorist ; Travis Lanham, letterer ; [Will Dennis, editor - original series ; Rowena Yow, editor].
cover imageIn post-Victorian England, nearly everyone of the upper classes has voluntarily become a vampire in order to escape the lower classes who are all zombies. Graphic novel.

Playing big : find your voice, your mission, your message / Tara Mohr.
cover imageA "Huffington Post" columnist and women's leadership expert outlines practical skills that women can use to implement positive change, covering such topics as self-esteem and how to overcome sabotaging gender rules of conduct. --Publisher's description.

Wedding cakes / Mich Turner ; photography by Richard Jung ; [foreword, Conrad Free].
cover imagePresents a portfolio of cake designs and recipes, from simple sunny cakes for a springtime garden wedding to an autumnal chocolate multi-tiered cake.

Monster manual.
cover imageThis Monster Manual presents a horde of classic Dungeons & Dragons creatures, including dragons, giants, mind flayers, and beholders--a monstrous feast for Dungeon Masters ready to challenge their players and populate their adventures. The monsters contained herein are culled from the D&D game's illustrious history, with easy-to-use game statistics and thrilling stories to feed your imagination.

Food in the Civil War era : the North / edited by Helen Zoe Veit.
cover image

Sweet corn spectacular / Marie Porter.
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My grandfather's gallery : a family memoir of art and war / Anne Sinclair ; translated from the French by Shaun Whiteside.
cover image"A singular man in the history of modern art, betrayed by Vichy, is the subject of this riveting family memoir. On September 20, 1940, one of the most famous European art dealers disembarked in New York, one of hundreds of Jewish refugees fleeing Vichy France. Leaving behind his beloved Paris gallery, Paul Rosenberg had managed to save his family, but his paintings--modern masterpieces by Cézanne, Monet, Sisley, and others--were not so fortunate. As he fled, dozens of works were seized by Nazi forces and the art dealer's own legacy was eradicated. More than half a century later, Anne Sinclair uncovered a box filled with letters. "Curious in spite of myself," she writes, "I plunged into these archives, in search of the story of my family. To find out who my mother's father really was. A man hailed as a pioneer in the world of modern art, who then became a pariah in his own country during the Second World War. I was overcome with a desire to fit together the pieces of this French story of art and war." Drawing on her grandfather's intimate correspondence with Picasso, Matisse, Braque, and others, Sinclair takes us on a personal journey through the life of a legendary member of the Parisian art scene in My Grandfather's Gallery. Rosenberg's story is emblematic of millions of Jews, rich and poor, whose lives were indelibly altered by World War II. Sinclair's journey to reclaim her family history paints a picture of modern art on both sides of the Atlantic between the 1920s and 1950s that reframes twentieth-century art history"-- Provided by publisher.

The calling : a life rocked by mountains / Barry Blanchard.
cover image"With heart-pounding descriptions of avalanches and treacherous ascents, Barry Blanchard chronicles his transformation from a poor Native American/white kid from the wrong side of the tracks to one of the most respected alpinists in the world. At thirteen, he learned to rappel when he joined the 1292 Lord Strathcone's Horse Army Cadets. Soon kicked out for insubordination, he was already hooked on climbing and saw alpinism as a way to make his single mother proud and end his family's cycle of poverty. He describes early climbs attempted with nothing to guide him but written trail descriptions and the cajones of youth. He slowly acquires the skills, equipment and partners necessary to tackle more and more difficult climbs, farther and farther afield: throughout the Canadian Rockies, into Alaska and the French Alps and on to Everest, Peru, and the challenging mountains in Pakistan. From each he learns lessons that only nature and extreme endeavor can teach. This is the story of the culture of climbing in the days of punk rock, spurred on by the rhythm of adrenaline and the arrogance of youth. It is also a portrait of the power of the mountains to lift us- physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually- and the depths of relationships built on total trust in the person at the other end of the rope."--Jacket flap.

Sweet & southern : classic desserts with a twist / Ben Mims ; photographs by Noah Fecks.
cover image

Ada's algorithm : how Lord Byron's daughter Ada Lovelace launched the digital age / James Essinger.
cover imageBehind every great man, there's a great woman; no other adage more aptly describes the relationship between Charles Babbage, the man credited with thinking up the concept of the programmable computer, and mathematician Ada Lovelace, whose contributions, according to Essinger, proved indispensable to Babbage's invention. The Analytical Engine was a series of cogwheels, gear-shafts, camshafts, and power transmission rods controlled by a punch-card system based on the Jacquard loom. Lovelace, the only legitimate child of English poet Lord Byron, wrote extensive notes about the machine, including an algorithm to compute a long sequence of Bernoulli numbers, which some observers now consider to be the world's first computer program.

I've never been to Vegas, but my luggage has : mishaps and miracles on the road to happily ever after / Mandy Hale.
cover imageThe popular bloggar (known as The Single Woman0 discusses the ups and downs of her life, from the euphoria of her high school romance to her flubbing of a red carpet interview with a music legend. In the end, Hale shares even her darkest moments in witty, winsome ways that make us not only feel her pain, but also laugh with her and apply her hard-won nuggets of inspiration to our own lives.

Gone with the wind : the great American movie 75 years later / writers, Steve Daly, Molly Haskell, Tina Jordan, Wesley Morris, Chris Nashawaty, Karen Valby.
cover image

The chronic cough enigma : acid reflux, asthma, and recalcitrant cough : the path to a cure / Dr. Jamie Koufman.
cover imagePresents a path to curing chronic cough of a non-pulmonary nature that draws from the study of fifty chronic cough patients, presenting histories, findings, and diagnostic test results.

Conditioning to the core / Greg Brittenham, Daniel Taylor.
cover image

Sunday casseroles : complete comfort in one dish / Betty Rosbottom ; photographs by Susie Cushner.
cover image

The Southern Living community cookbook : celebrating food & fellowship in the American south / Sheri Castle ; foreword by Matt Lee and Ted Lee.
cover image

The making of Gone with the wind / by Steve Wilson ; foreword by Robert Osborne.
cover image

Chocolate hiar, vanilla care : a parent's guide to beginning natural hair styling / Rory Mullen.
cover image

Everything is bullshit : the greatest scams on Earth revealed / Priceonomics authors, Zachary Crockett, Rohin Dhar, Alex Mayyasi ; special contributor, David Raether.
cover image"Many of our society's most cherished traditions are actually based on historical accident, the profit motives of a few companies, or the agenda of someone who died long ago. A lot of what we believe and do is bullshit, yet we walk around thinking our way of doing things is inherently correct. Why do we exchange diamond engagement rings? Why is wine so expensive? How does art become 'art'? Why do so many non-profits want us to donate our cars? Why does college cost so much? Why do so many pets die in animal shelters? Why is the world the way it is?"--Back cover.

Invent to learn : making, tinkering, and engineering in the classroom / Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary Stager.
cover image"Join the learning revolution sweeping the globe! 3D printers, robotics, programming, wearable computing, and Arduino capture the imaginations of today's student. When exciting new technologies combine with hands-on traditions, your classroom becomes a makerspace where learning soars. The time is now to place invention and creativity ahead of worksheets and testing. Using technology to make, repair, or customize the things we need democratizes engineering, design, and computer science. Fortunately for educators, this maker movement overlaps with the natural inclinations of children and the power of learning by doing. Making, tinkering, and engineering are how people learn and work in the 21st Century. This book explores how you can join the exciting maker movement and turn any K-12 classroom into a center of innovation." -- Back cover.

Windowsill art : creating one-of-a-kind natural arrangements to celebrate the seasons / Nancy Ross Hugo.
cover image

Winning in both leagues : reflections from baseball's front office / J. Frank Cashen ; foreword by Billy Beane.
cover image

An indomitable beast : the remarkable journey of the jaguar / Alan Rabinowitz.
cover image

The American Catholic almanac : a daily reader of patriots, saints, rogues, and ordinary people who changed the United States / Brian Burch and Emily Stimpson.
cover imageThey're all Catholics who have shaped America. In this page-a-day history, 365 inspiring stories celebrate the historic contributions of American men and women who have been shaped by their Catholic faith. From Revolutionary War to Notre Dame football, the Catholic Church has played a unique and often transformative role in American public life over the last 400 years. The American Catholic Almanac tells the fascinating, funny, uplifting, and unlikely tales of the famous figures and lesser-known saints and sinners who have influenced history, culture, and politics.

Vanishing grace : whatever happened to the good news? / Philip Yancey.
cover image"'Why does the church stir up such negative feelings?' Philip Yancey has been asking this all his life as a journalist. His perennial question is more relevant now than ever: in a twenty-year span starting in the mid-nineties, research shows that favorable opinions of Christianity have plummeted drastically--and opinions of evangelicals have taken even deeper dives ... Yet while the opinions about Christianity are dropping, interest in spirituality is rising. Why the disconnect?"--Amazon.com.

Iconic designs : 50 stories about 50 things / edited by Grace Lees-Maffei.
cover image"By returning to the etymological roots of iconicity and showcasing objects which are distinctive, memorable, internationally recognised and the subject of significant media attention, this text addresses what we mean by 'iconic' and how that aids our understanding of design and of iconicity. 50 compact chapters examine designs ranging from everyday goods to high-end 'designer' objects and explores how iconicity was established and how it contributes to our understanding of iconic design, by considering production, consumption and legacy alongside similar or contemporaneous objects. The book is divided into five parts, each addressing a thematic locus, arranged in a sequence from the public to the personal. This structure demonstrates that icons are not only a public phenomenon but infiltrate our intimate self-identity, in the form of objects which we carry with us and contribute to our sense of self. With significantly longer object entries than standard texts, this is essential reading for students and scholars of design history, design criticism, design studies and material culture studies, museum studies, art and architectural history, architecture and design practice"-- Provided by publisher.

The Victorian book of the dead / selected and edited by Chris Woodyard.
cover image"Christ Woodyard ... digs through long-buried newspapers and journals for this fascinating look at the 19th century obsession with the culture of death."--Back cover note.

Study in perfect : essays / by Sarah Gorham.
cover image

Worth fighting for : an army ranger's journey out of the military and across America / Rory Fanning.
cover imageA young soldier back from the war shares the results of his 3000 mile olyssey through America.

Unnatural selection : how we are changing life, gene by gene / Emily Monosson.
cover image

Costume Quest : Invasion of the Candy Snatchers / by Zac Gorman ; designed by Keith Wood ; edited by Charlie Chu.
cover image

The new classics : a definitive collection of classics for every modern cook from Donna Hay magazine / Donna Hay.
cover imageThis is the ultimate Donna Hay cookbook, the book that has everything that you ever wanted to know how to cook. Absolutely up to the minute, it contains all our old family favourites as well as new delights, everything from beef and ale pies to dulce de leche, from mac n' cheese to macarons. It's exactly the food that we want to cook and eat now, all written in Donna's trademark simple, clear and easy way. A gorgeously rich and deluxe hardback book with stunning finishes and embellishments, ideal for a Christmas gift, coffee table, kitchen bench or bookshelf, it features stunning photography and hundreds of mouthwatering recipes.

Super seeds : the complete guide to cooking with power-packed chia, quinoa, flax, hemp & amaranth / Kim Lutz.
cover image"Five super seeds--covered in one super volume! Chia, hemp, flax, quinoa, and amaranth are tiny powerhouses that deliver whopping amounts of protein, essential fatty acids, and great taste in every serving. Perfect for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets, they each get to take a star turn in these 75 mouthwatering recipes. Convenient and versatile, the seeds work wonderfully in everything from muffins and breads to salads, soups, and desserts. Super Seeds is a must-have for anyone interested in eating healthily. and deliciously. "-- Provided by publisher.

Good dog : true stories of love, loss, and loyalty / [edited by] David DiBenedetto and the editors of Garden & Gun.
cover image"Inspired by Garden & Gun magazine's popular Good Dog column, [this is a] collection of true stories celebrating the unique relationship between humans and their canine companions, penned by some of today's top writers, including Jon Meacham, Roy Blount, Jr, Dominique Browning, and P.J. O'Rourke"--Amazon.com.

Angry Birds amigurumi and more / content and patterns by Elina Hiltunen.
cover imagePatterns to crochet items featuring the characters of the Angry Birds game.

Santa Claus is for real : a true Christmas fable about the magic of believing / Charles Edward Hall, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Santa, with Bret Witter.
cover image"A heartwarming true-life fable from the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Santa--including his personal journey of discovering the magic of Christmas"-- Provided by publisher.

Citizen Coke : the making of Coca-Cola capitalism / Bartow J. Elmore.
cover image

Commander Will Cushing : daredevil hero of the Civil War / Jamie Malanowski.
cover imageA thrilling narrative biography of William Barker Cushing, the Civil War's most celebrated naval hero.

The Doctor's diet cookbook : tasty meals for a lifetime of vibrant health and weight loss maintenance / Travis Stork, M.D. with Leda Scheintaub.
cover imagePresents a collection of simple and balanced recipes to help readers maintain a healthy weight, including recipes for such meals as buckwheat pancakes, cucumber Caprese salad, crispy roasted chicken, zucchini fries, and frozen yogurt pops.

The Jesuits : a history from Ignatius to the present / John W. O'Malley, SJ.
cover imageChronicles the history of the Jesuit order from the time of Ignatius of Loyola to the present Pope Francis.

Digging for Richard III : how archaeology found the king / Mike Pitts.
cover imageThe events of Richard IIIs reign and his death in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth are known worldwide through Shakespeare's most performed, filmed and translated history play. Digging for Richard III is the page-turning story of how his grave was found, the people behind the discovery and what it tells us. It is the first complete narrative of a project that blended passion, science, luck and detection. Told by a noted archaeologist with access to all the parties involved, it follows the quest from an idea born in an Edinburgh bookshop to the day, fourteen years later, when two archaeologists carefully raised the bones from a car park in Leicester, and the scientific studies that resulted. The vivid tale of a king, his demise and now his rediscovery, this is also an insiders gripping account of how modern archaeology really works, of how clues meticulously assembled and forensically examined are pieced together to create a narrative worthy of the finest detective fiction.

Wiring a house / Rex Cauldwell.
cover image"First published in 1996, Wiring a House has become the classic reference on residential wiring. The fifth edition is updated to the latest electrical code (2014 NEC), which will be current through 2017. The 2014 NEC has significant revisions that impact residential work, including expanded AFCI and GFCI protection in homes, new approaches to ensure the safety of photovoltaic (PV) electrical systems, new methods to distribute low voltage power, and new DC provisions designed to save energy lost in conversion from AC. In addition to the revisions necessitated by the code changes, the 5th edition will include information on inverters, lighting, and wiring for electrical vehicle chargers, as well as 70 new four-color photos. An indispensable reference for keeping pros up-to-date, Wiring a House also gives apprentices and homeowners the most current and accurate information in the most accessible form"-- Provided by publisher.

School of sewing : learn it, teach it, sew together / Shea Henderson.
cover image

Lake boats : the enduring vessels of the Great Lakes / Greg McDonnell.
cover image

The essential guide to home herbal remedies : easy recipes using medicinal herbs to treat more than 125 conditions from sunburns to sore throats / Melanie Wenzel.
cover image

The best natural homemade soaps : 40 recipes for moisturizing olive oil-based soaps / Mar Gómez.
cover image

150 best breakfast sandwich maker recipes / Jennifer Williams.
cover image

The spice & herb bible / Ian Hemphill ; with recipes by Kate Hemphill.
cover imageCooks everywhere use spices and herbs to enhance food flavors and to create new taste combinations and sensations. From bay leaves to lemongrass to vanilla beans, a well stocked kitchen must have a wide selection of herbs and spices. This expanded and completely revised new edition is the culmination of Ian Hemphill's lifelong experience in the spice industry. It is a fascinating and authoritative guide. Hemphill describes a wide range of global herbs and spices used in modern kitchens either alone or in wonderful blends. He completely demystifies the art of combining herbs and spices and home cooks can meet and enjoy a world of flavors previously found only at internationally inspired restaurants. He provides the "inside story" based on his extensive experience in this ancient and stimulating industry.

The illustrated handbook of fossils : a practical directory and identification aid to more than 300 plant and animal fossils / Steve Parker.
cover imageMore than 300 specimens are featured in this detailed photographic guide to recognizing plant and animal fossils, with examples from around the world.

Yell less, love more : how the Orange Rhino mom stopped yelling at her kids-- and how you can too! : a 30-day guide that includes 100 alternatives to yelling, simple, daily, steps to follow, honest stories to inspire / Sheila McCraith.
cover image

The Wars of the Roses : the fall of the Plantagenets and the rise of the Tudors / Dan Jones.
cover imageThe best-selling author of The Plantagenets traces the 15th-century civil wars that irrevocably shaped the British crown, particularly evaluating the roles of strong women including Margaret of Anjou, Elizabeth Woodville and Margaret Beaufort in shifting power between two ruling families. Includes six maps and four genealogies.

Midnight in Siberia : a train journey into the heart of Russia / David Greene.
cover image"After two and a half years as NPR's Moscow bureau chief, David Greene travels across the country--a 6,000-mile journey by rail, from Moscow to the Pacific port of Vladivostok--to speak with ordinary Russians about how their lives have changed in the post-Soviet years. Reaching beyond the headline-grabbing protests in Moscow, Greene speaks with a group of singing babushkas from Buranovo, a teenager hawking 'space rocks' from last spring's meteor shower in Chelyabinsk, and activists battling for environmental regulation in the pollution-choked town of Baikalsk"--Provided by publisher.



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