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Everything I learned about life, I learned in dance class / Abby Lee Miller with Peter Economy ; foreword by Maddie Ziegler.
cover image"Ultimate 'Tiger Mom' Abby Lee Miller--the passionate, unapologetically outspoken, tough-as-nails star of Lifetime's ... Dance Moms and Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition--offers inspirational, tough love guidance for parents who want to help their children succeed and for readers of all ages striving to become the best they can be"-- Provided by publisher.

Happiness : the art of living with peace, confidence and joy / by Douglas A. Smith.
cover imageThe author recounts his journey to better understand and practice the skills of happiness : Forgiveness, gratitude, faith, optimism, flexibility, openness, doing now what I am doing now, honoring mind/body/spirit, being altruistic, thinking with abundance, mastering our stories, finding purpose/meaning, and cherishing relationships.

Black faces, white spaces : reimagining the relationship of African Americans to the great outdoors / Carolyn Finney.
cover image"Why are African Americans so underrepresented when it comes to interest in nature, outdoor recreation, and environmentalism? In this thought-provoking study, Carolyn Finney looks beyond the discourse of the environmental justice movement to examine how the natural environment has been understood, commodified, and represented by both white and black Americans. Bridging the fields of environmental history, cultural studies, critical race studies, and geography, Finney argues that the legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, and racial violence have shaped cultural understandings of the "great outdoors" and determined who should and can have access to natural spaces. Drawing on a variety of sources from film, literature, and popular culture, and analyzing different historical moments, including the establishment of the Wilderness Act in 1964 and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Finney reveals the perceived and real ways in which nature and the environment are racialized in America. Looking toward the future, she also highlights the work of African Americans who are opening doors to greater participation in environmental and conservation concerns. "-- Provided by publisher.

Sharia-ism is here : the battle to control women, and everyone else / Joy Brighton.
cover imageIslam is a religion, protected under the U.S. First Amendment. Sharia-ism is the political movement of Radical Islam and is not protected under the First Amendment. Sharia-ism is about control, not destruction. Sharia-ism seeks total control over women, religion, speech & politics. In fact, Sharia-ists are determined to control anyone who refuses to follow their rules.

Murder of the middle class : how to save yourself and your family from the criminal conspiracy of the century / Wayne Allyn Root.
cover image

Keep calm and parent on : a guilt-free approach to raising children by asking more from them and doing less / Emma Jenner ; foreword by Debra Messing.
cover image"Designed for children ages 0-7, Keep Calm and Parent On effectivelys put parenting expert Emma Jenner on your shoulder, helping you see your child's behavior objectively. Each chapter opens with a checklist, which is then broken down and explained. There are also handy sidebars throughout the chapters, as well as instructive and memorable quizzes. They also represent a deeper philosophy: if parents are in control, they can enjoy their children more. The book is truly interactive and designed to give parents bite-size takeaways that they can use immediately with their children"-- Provided by publisher.

Iran and the United States : an insider's view on the failed past and the road to peace / Seyed Hossein Mousavian ; with Shahir ShahidSaless.
cover image"Seyed Hossein Mousavian worked for over 30 years on diplomatic efforts between Iran and the West, alongside now-President Hassan Rouhani and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, serving as confidante, colleague, and peer. Here the former diplomat tells the insider history of the troubled relationship between Iran and the US. His unique firsthand perspective blends memoir, analysis and never before seen details of the many near misses in the quest for rapprochement. With so much at stake, the book concludes with a roadmap for peace that both nations so desperately need"-- Provided by publisher.

White beech : the rainforest years / Germaine Greer.
cover image"One bright day in December 2001, Germaine Greer found herself confronted by an irresistible challenge in the shape of sixty hectares of dairy farm, one of many in south-east Queensland that, after a century of logging, clearing and downright devastation, had been abandoned to their fate."--Dust jacket.

The Intel trinity : how Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove built the world's most important company / Michael S. Malone.
cover image

Factory man : how one furniture maker battled offshoring, stayed local-- and helped save an American town / Beth Macy.
cover imageDescribes how the chairman of Vaughan-Bassett Furniture fought for his more than seven hundred employees in a small Virginia town using legal maneuvers, factory efficiencies, and his wits and determination in the wake of sales losses to cheap Asian furniture imports.

Hope runs : an American tourist, a Kenyan boy, a journey of redemption / Claire Diaz-Ortiz and Samuel Ikua Gachagua.
cover imageRecounts the experiences of an American woman whose encounter with a boy in a Kenyan orphanage led her to stay in the country for a year, and profoundly alter the boy's future.

Flight 232 : a story of disaster and survival / Laurence Gonzales.
cover imageAs hundreds of rescue workers waited on the ground, United Airlines Flight 232 wallowed drunkenly over the bluffs northwest of Sioux City. The plane slammed onto the runway and burst into a vast fireball. The rescuers didn't move at first: nobody could possibly survive that crash. And then people began emerging from the summer corn that lined the runways. Miraculously, 184 of 296 passengers lived. No one has ever attempted the complete reconstruction of a crash of this magnitude. Drawing on interviews with hundreds of survivors, crew, and airport and rescue personnel, Laurence Gonzales, a commercial pilot himself, captures, minute by minute, the harrowing journey of pilots flying a plane with no controls and flight attendants keeping their calm in the face of certain death. He plumbs the hearts and minds of passengers as they pray, bargain with God, plot their strategies for survival, and sacrifice themselves to save others. Ultimately he takes us, step by step, through the gripping scientific detective work in super-secret labs to dive into the heart of a flaw smaller than a grain of rice that shows what brought the aircraft down. An unforgettable drama of the triumph of heroism over tragedy and human ingenuity over technological breakdown, Flight 232 is a masterpiece in the tradition of the greatest aviation stories ever told.

Manhunters : criminal profilers and their search for the world's most wanted serial killers / Colin Wilson.
cover image

The science book / [contributors, Adam Hart-Davis ... [et al.].
cover image"The newest title in this successful and acclaimed series is The Science Book, an inventive visual take on astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. With eye-catching artwork, step-by-step diagrams, and illustrations that break down complicated ideas into manageable concepts, The Science Book will have readers conversant in genetic engineering, black holes, and global warming in no time. Along the way are found mini-biographies of the most well-known scientists, and a glossary of helpful scientific terms."--from publisher's description.

Keeping the bees : why all bees are at risk and what we can do to save them / Laurence Packer.
cover image

Surgeon General's warning : how politics crippled the nation's doctor / Mike Stobbe.
cover image

Digestive intelligence : a holistic view of your second brain / Irina Matveikova, MD.
cover image

The coconut ketogenic diet : supercharge your metabolism, revitalize thyroid function, and lose excess weight / by Bruce Fife.
cover image

The fantastic laboratory of Dr. Weigl : how two brave scientists battled typhus and sabotaged the Nazis / Arthur Allen.
cover imageThe story of "Jewish prisoner-scientists in Buchenwald who made a vaccine against ... typhus. Their untold secret: they provided the real vaccine to camp inmates but a fake one to German troops at the eastern front"--Dust jacket back.

An illustrated guide to bombers of World Wars I and II / Francis Crosby.
cover image

Saving container plants : overwintering techniques for keeping tender plants alive year after year / Alice and Brian McGowan.
cover image

Cooking with Amar'e : 100 easy recipes for pros and rookies in the kitchen / Amar'e Stoudemire and Chef Maxcel Hardy III, with Rosemary Black.
cover image

The paleo kitchen : finding primal joy in modern cooking / Juli Bauer & George Bryant.
cover image

The honest toddler : a child's guide to parenting / written under the supervision of Bunmi Laditan.
cover image"Outrageously confident and sweetly indignant, the Honest Toddler tackles everything from preferred toddler foods (unbroken crackers and undiluted juice), sleep- and potty-training methods (none), playdate etiquette (mi casa es not su casa), and the proper response to random aggression at the playground (embrace it--Park justice is messy but swift). The result is a parenting book like no other, one that will leave moms and dads laughing, and maybe crying, as they recognize their own child in the ongoing shenanigans of one bravely honest toddler."--Amazon.com.

Civil War Woodworking, Vol. 2 : More Authentic Projects for Woodworkers and Reenactors / A.J. Hamler.
cover image

The art of LEGO design : creative ways to build amazing models / Jordan Schwartz.
cover image"The Art of LEGO Design explores LEGO as an artistic medium, revealing rarely-known and creative ways to build impressive models with LEGO"-- Provided by publisher.

Seconds / Bryan Lee O'Malley with Jason Fischer, drawing assistant ; Dustin Harbin, lettering ; Nathan Fairbairn, color.
cover image"Katie's got it pretty good. She's a talented young chef, she runs a successful restaurant, and she has big plans to open an even better one. Then, all at once, progress on the new location bogs down, her charming ex-boyfriend pops up, her fling with another chef goes sour, and her best waitress gets badly hurt. And just like that, Katie's life goes from pretty good to not so much. What she needs is a second chance. Everybody deserves one, after all--but they don't come easy. Luckily for Katie, a mysterious girl appears in the middle of the night with simple instructions for a do-it-yourself do-over: 1. Write your mistake 2. Ingest one mushroom 3. Go to sleep 4. Wake anew. And just like that, all the bad stuff never happened, and Katie is given another chance to get things right. She's also got a dresser drawer full of magical mushrooms--and an irresistible urge to make her life not just good, but perfect. Too bad it's against the rules. But Katie doesn't care about the rules--and she's about to discover the unintended consequences of the best intentions" -- from publisher's web site.

Go crochet! Skill builder : 30 crochet-in-a-day projects to take you from beginner to expert / Ellen Gormley.
cover image

100 colorful ripple stitches to crochet : 50 original stitches & 50 fabulous colorways for blankets and throws / Leonie Morgan.
cover image"This is a wonderfully illustrated and easy-to-use guide to making and using ripple stitches in delightful and inspiring colorways, perfect for blankets, throws, and accessories. With 75 original stitch designs to choose from, using color and texture to create stunning zig-zags, ripples, and waves, there is plenty here to appeal to every crocheter. Each design has a clear written pattern, an easy-to-follow chart, and a color variation to try out. The designs range from simple to more advanced patterns and also include ripple stitches worked in the round for unusual and eye-catching projects. It even includes five great projects as inspiration for how some of the designs could go together! "-- Provided by publisher.

Oodles of crochet / Eva Wincent & Paula Hammerskog ; [translation by Carol Huebscher Rhoades].
cover image

Savor each stitch : studio quilting with mindful design / Carolyn Friedlander.
cover image

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! : the story of pop music from Bill Haley to Beyoncé / Bob Stanley.
cover imageAn addictively readable, encyclopedic history of pop music that includes individual chapters to groups and individuals -- the Monkees, the Beach Boys, the Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna -- that changed the shape of pop music.

Heavy metal movies : guitar barbarians, mutant bimbos & cult zombies amok in the 666 most ear- and eye-ripping big scream films ever! / Mike "McBeardo" McPadden.
cover image

The legends : Ohio State Buckeyes : the men, the deeds, the consequences / Mark Rea.
cover image

Miracle at Fenway : the inside story of the Boston Red Sox 2004 championship season / Saul Wisnia ; foreword by Dave Roberts.
cover image"The players and coaches of the 2004 Boston Red Sox are now and forever, legends. After all, it had been 86 years since Boston last won a World Series, a fact anybody even remotely associated with the team as a player, executive, or fan was reminded of on a daily basis. For the players on the 2004 Red Sox roster, winning in '04 was one of the greatest experiences in their lives. For fans, the '04 team will forever be remembered as the one that broke the curse. Hundreds of articles and several books were written in the immediate aftermath of the thrilling '04 season, but 10 years have passed and MIRACLE AT FENWAY has a fresh perspective, including the type of analysis and insight that comes with a decade of reflection. As a Red Sox fan since birth, and from having written about and worked alongside the team for his entire professional life, Saul Wisnia has cultivated relationships with people at every level of the Sox organization. From the players to the fans to the upper echelons of team management, he has their accounts of 2004 as they saw it and as they remember it today, now that the memories have had time to take root and blossom. In the winning tradition of baseball oral histories, Wisnia tells the story of 2004 as experienced by the people who lived it, in an engaging style filled with insight and excitement"-- Provided by publisher.

Mastering running / Cathy Utzschneider.
cover image

Corridor : poems / Saskia Hamilton.
cover image"'Corridor' is a study of motion and time. Its glanced landscapes, its lives seen in passing, render the immeasurable in broken narratives. Saskia Hamilton's poems travel quickly with unexpected distances within their reach. They are dauntless and alert in their apprehension of the natural kingdom at the frontier of so many unnatural ones. They inhabit the realm of contemplation, which, for Hamilton, is charged with eros."--Back cover.

Hidden Tuscany : discovering art, culture, and memories in a well-known region's unknown places / John Keahey.
cover image"Hidden Tuscany vividly displays the coastal areas of Tuscany, a territory often overlooked by visitors to Italy eager to see Chianti, Florence or Siena. Veteran journalist and Italophile John Keahey points out the keen distinctions that the western cities maintain: in food, lifestyle, and the way its artists are paving new directions in art that differ mightily from the Renaissance-rich interior. Keahey interviews sculptors and their artigiani, craftsmen and women who toil in the marble studios, eating their lunch in workers' clubs and cafes. From beach locales such as Viareggio, to Livorno (which has Venetian-style canals), modern Orbetello and the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, Keahey reveals beaches rich in European visitors and magnificent medieval villages that rarely see outsiders. The larger, better-known Tuscan coastal city Pisa can even surprise a curious visitor with places of solitude. Keahey's previous books on Italy have always received widespread and complimentary review coverage--garnering praise for the depth of his research and his comprehensive analysis. Travelers instantly flock to books about Tuscany, and this one promotes towns and villages that are often missed by tourists, letting readers in on these 'secret' destinations. For armchair travelers or vacation seekers, Hidden Tuscany puts a very human face on the region in Keahey's discussion of food, history and language. And the result is mesmerizing"-- Provided by publisher.

The Emperor far away : travels at the edge of China / David Eimer.
cover image

Indonesia etc. : exploring the improbable nation / Elizabeth Pisani.
cover image"An entertaining and thought-provoking portrait of Indonesia: a rich, dynamic, and often maddening nation awash with contradictions. Jakarta tweets more than any other city on earth, but 80 million Indonesians live without electricity and many of its communities still share in ritual sacrifices. Declaring independence in 1945, Indonesia said it would 'work out the details of the transfer of power etc. as soon as possible.' With over 300 ethnic groups spread across 13,500 islands, the world's fourth most populous nation has been working on that 'etc.' ever since. Bewitched by Indonesia for twenty-five years, Elizabeth Pisani recently traveled 26,000 miles around the archipelago in search of the links that bind this impossibly disparate nation. Fearless and funny, Pisani shares her deck space with pigs and cows, bunks down in a sulfurous volcano, and takes tea with a corpse. Along the way, she observes Big Men with child brides, debates corruption and cannibalism, and ponders 'sticky' traditions that cannot be erased"--Provided by publisher.

Elephant Company : the inspiring story of an unlikely hero and the animals who helped him save lives in World War II / Vicki Constantine Croke.
cover image"At the onset of World War II, [Billy] Williams formed Elephant Company and was instrumental in defeating the Japanese in Burma and saving refugees, including on his own 'Hannibal Trek,' [becoming] a media sensation during the war, telling reporters that the elephants did more for him than he was ever able to do for them"-- Provided by publisher.

The Victorian city : everyday life in Dickens' London / Judith Flanders.
cover image"From the critically acclaimed author of The Invention of Murder, an extraordinary, revelatory portrait of everyday life on the streets of Dickens' London.The nineteenth century was a time of unprecedented change, and nowhere was this more apparent than London. In only a few decades, the capital grew from a compact Regency town into a sprawling metropolis of 6.5 million inhabitants, the largest city the world had ever seen. Technology--railways, street-lighting, and sewers--transformed both the city and the experience of city-living, as London expanded in every direction. Now Judith Flanders, one of Britain's foremost social historians, explores the world portrayed so vividly in Dickens' novels, showing life on the streets of London in colorful, fascinating detail.From the moment Charles Dickens, the century's best-loved English novelist and London's greatest observer, arrived in the city in 1822, he obsessively walked its streets, recording its pleasures, curiosities and cruelties. Now, with him, Judith Flanders leads us through the markets, transport systems, sewers, rivers, slums, alleys, cemeteries, gin palaces, chop-houses and entertainment emporia of Dickens' London, to reveal the Victorian capital in all its variety, vibrancy, and squalor. From the colorful cries of street-sellers to the uncomfortable reality of travel by omnibus, to the many uses for the body parts of dead horses and the unimaginably grueling working days of hawker children, no detail is too small, or too strange. No one who reads Judith Flanders's meticulously researched, captivatingly written The Victorian City will ever view London in the same light again. "-- Provided by publisher.

At the point of a cutlass : the pirate capture, bold escape, & lonely exile of Philip Ashton / Gregory N. Flemming.
cover imageTaken in a surprise attack near Nova Scotia in June 1722, Ashton was forced to sail across the Atlantic and back with a crew under the command of Edward Low, a man so vicious he tortured victims by slicing off an ear or nose and roasting them over a fire. "A greater monster," one colonial official wrote, "never infested the seas." Ashton barely survived the nine months he sailed with Low's crew -- he was nearly shot in the head at gunpoint, came close to drowning when a ship sank near the coast of Brazil, and was almost hanged for secretly plotting a revolt against the pirates. Like many forced men, Ashton thought constantly about escaping. In March of 1723, he saw his chance when Low's crew anchored at the secluded island of Roatan, at the western edge of the Caribbean. Ashton fled into the thick, overgrown woods and, for more than a year, had to claw out a living on the remote strip of land, completely alone and with practically nothing to sustain him. The opportunity to escape came so unexpectedly that Ashton ran off without a gun, a knife, or even a pair of shoes on his feet. Yet the resilient young castaway -- who has been called America's real-life Robinson Crusoe -- was able to find food, build a crude shelter, and even survive a debilitating fever brought on by the cool winter rains before he was rescued by a band of men sailing near the island.


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