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Vintage pies : classic American pies for today's home baker / Anne Haynie Collins ; photographs by Lisa and Todd Balfour.
cover image

Polymer clay projects : create fun & functional objects from clay / Fransie Snyman.
cover imageStep-by-step photographs and detailed instructions show the reader many polymer clay projects for all ages and skill levels, from jewellery and decorative boxes to buttons and home accessories.

Pastel drawing : expert answers to the questions every artist asks / Barbara Benedetti Newton.
cover imagePastel Drawing covers a wide array of topics, including: Strokes and techniques with pastels, How to vignette a drawing, Mixing pastels with other media, Producing effects of light and shadow ... and much more.

All you need is kill / original story by Hiroshi Sakurazaka ; storyboards by Ryosuke Tekeuchi ; original illustrations by Yoshitoshi ABe ; art by Takeshi Obata.
cover imageWhen the alien Mimics invade, Keiji Kiriya is just one of many recruits shoved into a suit of battle armor called a Jacket and sent out to kill. Keiji dies on the battlefield, only to be reborn each morning to fight and die again and again. On his fifth iteration, he gets a message from a mysterious ally -- the female soldier known as the Full Metal Bitch. Is she the key to Keiji's escape or his final death?

Serenity Firefly class 03-K64 Vol. 4, Leaves on the wind / script, Zack Whedon ; pencils, Georges Jeanty ; inks, Karl Story ; colors, Laura Martin ; letters, Michael Heisler.
cover imageIn the film Serenity, outlaw Malcolm Reynolds and his crew revealed to the entire 'verse the crimes against humanity undertaken by the sinister government--the Alliance. Here, in the official follow-up to the film, the crew has been in hiding since becoming everyone's most wanted, and now they are forced to come out. River uncovers more secrets, leading these former Browncoats on a dangerous mission against the Alliance that, with hope, will bring them together again.

Deep space : beyond the solar system to the edge of the universe and the beginning of time / Govert Schilling.
cover image"Govert Schilling explores the mysteries of space that lie beyond our solar system on this mind-bending trip to nebulae, galaxies, black holes, and the edge of the observable universe"--Publisher's website.

The 52 new foods challenge : a family cooking adventure for each week of the year / Jennifer Tyler Lee.
cover image

Eat bacon, don't jog : get stong, get lean, no bullshit / Grant Petersen ; illustrations by Amanda Sim.
cover image"Upends the last 30 years of conventional health wisdom to offer a ... path to weight loss and fitness. In more than 100 short ... directives, [the book] shows why we should drop the carbs, embrace fat, and hang up our running shoes, with the latest science to back up its claims"--Amazon.com.

Putin's kleptocracy : who owns Russia? / Karen Dawisha.
cover imageThe raging question in the world today is who is the real Vladimir Putin and what are his intentions. Karen Dawisha's brilliant work provides an answer, describing how Putin got to power, the cabal he brought with him, the billions they have looted, and his plan to restore the Greater Russia.

Waterloo : Wellington, Napoleon, and the battle that saved Europe / Gordon Corrigan.
cover image

Modern country : inspiring interior for contemporary country living / Caroline Clifton-Mogg.
cover imageThe countryside remains a vital part of French life, but that does not mean that French country houses are set in decorative aspic. When designing modern houses, it is natural to employ contemporary design solutions, but these same types of solution and innovations work equally as well when applied to old spaces that have been converted, renovated or just revived with new uses. Country living is associated with a relaxed, more informal way of life, and the houses in Modern Country reflect that way of life, in an up-to-date and relevant way. This book explores some of the most exciting and interesting examples of the contemporary in French interior design, exploring homes in the mountains, by the sea, and in deepest parts of the countryside. This book is full of inspiration and new ideas on how to achieve comfortable modern living with the way of old and design of today.

Quilting the new classics : 20 inspired quilt projects: traditional to modern designs / Michele Muska ; foreword by Meg Cox ; foreword by Janneken Smucker.
cover image"All quilters draw inspiration from the past. But how do today's artisans put their personal stamp on classic patterns? Twenty influential quilters from across the stylistic spectrum--including Jacquie Gering, Darlene Zimmerman, Allison Aller, and Victoria Findlay Wolfe--present their unique creative vision of timeless designs. Each pattern, from bear paw to flying geese to log cabin, comes with step-by-step instructions for two adaptations, one traditional, the other modern"-- Provided by publisher.

Ancient trees : portraits of time / Beth Moon ; with essays by Todd Forrest and Steven Brown.
cover imageProvides a photographic guide to some of the world's most ancient trees, featuring seventy portraits of such species as yews, baobabs, and dragon's blood trees.

Teenagers 101 : what a top teacher wishes you knew about helping your kid succeed / Rebecca Deurlein, Ed.D.
cover imageAs a parent, you want to see your teen succeed in school and in life--and you do your best to help. But how do you know what will make a difference? Maybe it's time to listen to a teacher. Day in and day out, teachers watch kids interact with peers, make decisions, deal with difficulty, accept or deflect responsibility . . . Teachers are our eyes and ears--and there's a lot they wish we knew. Veteran high school teacher Rebecca Deurlein examines how we can support our teens as they cope with the challenges of the modern world. --Amazon.com description.

Find Momo : my dog is hiding in this book : can you find him? / a photography book by Andrew Knapp.
cover imageReaders are provided with one hundred photographs of landscapes, houses, bridges and other scenes and asked to find the border collie, Momo.

The secret recipes / Dominique Ansel ; foreword by Daniel Boulud ; photographs by Thomas Schauer.
cover image"The ... debut cookbook from the world's most celebrated pastry chef, Dominique Ansel, featuring thirty never-before-seen recipes--including a make-at-home version of the Cronut--and the ... stories behind his most sought-after creations"-- Provided by publisher.

Ant colony / Michael DeForge.
cover image"From its opening pages, Ant Colony immerses the reader in a world that is darkly existential, with false prophets, unjust wars, and corrupt police officers, as it follows the denizens of a black ant colony under attack from the nearby red ants. On the surface, it's the story of this war, the destruction of a civilization, and the ants' all too familiar desire to rebuild. Underneath, though, Ant Colony plumbs the deepest human concerns--loneliness, faith, love, apathy, and more. All of this is done with humor and sensitivity, exposing a world where spiders can wreak unimaginable amounts of havoc with a single gnash of their jaws"--Provided by publisher.

The gardener's garden / commissioning editor, Victoria Clarke.
cover imageThe ultimate garden book -- both a collection of gardens from around the world and a resource for those seeking inspiration on garden design and planting. Featuring over 250 permanent gardens by leading garden designers, horticulturalists and landscape architects, from the 14th century to the present day, and covering all key types and styles of garden, this well-illustrated compendium combines images, text, key information and captions for each of the featured gardens, appealing to both amateur and professional gardeners, as well as garden designers.

You only live once : a lifetime of experiences for the explorer in all of us / authors, Ann Abel, Sarah Barrell, Sarah Baxter, Greg Benchwick, Lucy Burningham, Garth Cartwright, David Cornthwaite, Cass Gilbert, Sam Haddad, Ben Handicott [and seven others].
cover imageSuggestions for travel experiences that fit into one of the time slots recommended: an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year.

The forest feast : simple vegetarian recipes from my cabin in the woods / Erin Gleeson.
cover imageErin Gleeson made her dream a reality when she left New York City and moved into a tiny cabin in a California forest in order to be closer to nature. The natural beauty of her surroundings and the abundance of local produce serve as the inspiration for The Forest Feast, based on her popular blog. Most of the book's 100 wholly vegetarian recipes call for only three or four ingredients and require very few steps, resulting in dishes that are fresh, wholesome, delicious, and stunning. Among the delightful recipes are eggplant tacos with brie and cilantro, rosemary shortbread, and blackberry negroni. Vibrant photographs, complemented by Erin's own fanciful watercolor illustrations and hand lettering, showcase the rustic simplicity of the dishes. Part cookbook, part art book, The Forest Feast will be as comfortable in the kitchen as on the coffee table.

One nation under taught : solving America's science, technology, engineering & math crisis / Dr. Vince M. Bertram.
cover imageAmerica has been steadily sliding in global education rankings for decades. In particular, our students are increasingly unable to compete globally in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. According to the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), in 2010 only 26 percent of high school seniors in the U.S. scored at or above proficient level in math. Another 36 percent were failing. Only 3 percent scored at an advanced level in math, and only 1 percent scored at an advanced level in science. Students in K-12 across the U.S. struggle with STEM subjects.

The new classics cookbook / by the editors of Saveur.
cover image

Handmade gifts from the kitchen : more than 100 culinary inspired presents to make and bake / Alison Walker ; photography by Tara Fisher.
cover imageFrom homemade cookies to marshmallow hearts, flavored oils and spirits to panforte and spice kits, each of the more than 100 gift ideas has an easy-to-follow recipe along with inspirational ideas for presentation. Whether you're baking for a friend's birthday or bringing a thank-you gift, this book is your guide to creating elegant and tasty treats for any celebration.

Lessons in balance : a dog's reflections on life / by Scout ; Jen Gillen.
cover image

WTF, evolution?! : a theory of unintelligible design / by Mara Grunbaum.
cover image

Taxidermy art : a rogue's guide to the work, the culture, and how to do it yourself / Robert Marbury.
cover imageIn this collection of taxidermy art, you'll find a winged monkey with a fez and a martini glass, a jewel-encrusted piglet, a bionic fawn, and a polar bear balancing on a floating refrigerator. Author Robert Marbury makes for a friendly (and often funny) guide, addressing the three big questions people have about taxidermy art: What is it all about? Can I see some examples? and How can I make my own? He takes readers through a brief history of taxidermy (and what sets artistic taxidermy apart) and presents stunning pieces from the most influential artists in the field. Rounding out the book are illustrated how-to lessons to get readers started on their own work, with sources for taxidermy materials and resources for the budding taxidermist.

Pen & ink : tattoos & the stories behind them / Isaac Fitzgerald, Wendy MacNaughton ; introduction by Cheryl Strayed.
cover image"Why did you get that tattoo? Every tattoo tells a story, whether the ink is meaningful or the result of a misguided decision made at the age of fourteen, representative of the wearer's true self or the accidental consequence of a bender. These most permanent of body adornments are hidden by pants legs and shirt tails, emblazoned on knuckles, or tucked inside mouths. They are battle scars and beauty marks, totems and mementos. Pen & Ink grants us access to the tattoos of writers Cheryl Strayed, Tao Lin, and Roxane Gay; rockers in the bands Korn, Otep, and Five Finger Death Punch; and even a porn star. But it also illuminates the tattoos of the ordinary people living in our midst--from professors to thrift store salespeople, cafe owners to librarians, union organizers to administrators--and their extraordinary lives. Curated and edited by Isaac Fitzgerald, who sports ten tattoos himself, each story features Wendy MacNaughton's stylish full color illustrations of the tattoos on black-and-white drawings of the bearer's body. At its heart, beneath its colorful skin, Pen & Ink is an exploration of the decision to scar one's self with a symbol and a story"-- Provided by publisher.

Marvel Comics : 75 years of cover art / written by Alan Cowsill ; with a foreword by Adi Granov.
cover imageCelebrating the greatest cover art over Marvel Comics' 75-year history. Showcasing the most striking, inspiring and unusual comic cover art in Marvel's 75-year history. Marvel Comics Cover Art reveals a gallery of iconic covers featuring all your favourite super heroes from Spider-Man and Iron Man to the Avengers. Created in full collaboration with Marvel Comics this beautiful poster book is perfect for any avid Marvel fan.

Bugs up close / photographs by John Hallmén ; text by Lars-Åke Janzon ; translation by Joy Hill.
cover imageTake a close-up look into a world you've never noticed. Bugs are usually so small that we hardly notice them, let alone think of them as living beings. But call upon the magnifying glass, and a shapeless jumble of legs, wings, and antennae suddenly start staring back at us. About 80 percent of the Earth's animals are insects. While there are millions of different species, we rarely see many of them ... until now. Thanks to the photography of John Hallmen, who took a camera and magnified these magnificent creatures one hundred times, we can see what we've never been able to see before. Bugs Up Close takes readers on a journey into a world rarely seen, with incredible photographs of such insects as: Crane flies, Yellow meadow ants, Black fungus beetles, Treehoppers and many more! The diversity of this insect civilization is striking and unknown to most. An insect we may never have thought twice about now looks like a creature from outer space. Fascinating and somewhat monstrous details such as compound eyes, antennae, and sharp mouth parts are visible, and with text by Lars-Ake Janzon, Bugs Up Close is an amazing close look into the strange and beautiful world of insects.

Inventing Scrooge : the incredible true story behind Dickens' legendary A Christmas Carol / by Carlo Devito.
cover imageInventing Scrooge uncovers the real-life inspirations from Charles Dickens' own world that led to the fascinating creation of his most beloved tale, A Christmas Carol. When Charles Dickens conceived the story that would become A Christmas Carol, little did he know that his "ghostly little book" would reinvent the way we keep Christmas. From a graveyard in Edinburgh to the Marshalsea Prison in London to his schoolboy years in Chatham and even his lifelong fascination with dance, so much of Dickens' past and present are woven into the characters and themes of A Christmas Carol. And by understanding the story behind the story, readers will come to embrace the holiday classic all the more. To this day, we look to the Christmas season as a time of warmth and celebration among family, friends, and strangers alike. And every year at Christmas, not only do our lives get better for all the festivity, but we get better, as people. Just like Ebenezer Scrooge.

Sit like a Buddha : a pocket guide to meditation / Lodro Rinzler.
cover image

Eat : the little book of fast food / Nigel Slater ; photographs by Jonathan Lovekin.
cover image"Britain's foremost food writer returns with a deliciously simple collection of over 600 ideas for satisfying meals that are quick and easy to get to the table. Eat is a beloved author's homage to those times when "we just want to eat." Pairing a fresh, compact package with the same witty prose and straightforward recipes that captivated fans of Tender, Ripe, and Notes from the Larder, Eat is devoted to simple food--done well. Whether it's a humble fig and ricotta toast or sizzling chorizo with shallots and potatoes, Nigel Slater provides endless ideas for fast food that can be prepared in under an hour and that busy parents, novice cooks, and discerning food aficionados will savor. With delightful photography throughout, this highly giftable volume is sure to be the new go-to tome for wholly enjoyable, everyday meals"-- Provided by publisher.

The keeper : a life of saving goals and achieving them / Tim Howard ; with Ali Benjamin.
cover imageIn this inspiring, down-to-earth memoir the revered goalkeeper and American icon idolized by millions worldwide for his dependability, daring, and humility recounts his rise to stardom at the 2014 World Cup, the psychological and professional challenges he has faced, and the enduring faith that has sustained him. In The Keeper, the man who electrified the world with his amazing performance in Brazil does something he would never do on a soccer field: he drops his guard. As fiercely protective about his privacy as he is guarding the goal on the field, Howard opens up for the first time about how a hyperactive kid from New Jersey with Tourette's syndrome defied the odds to become one of the world's premier goalkeepers. The Keeper recalls his childhood, being raised by a single mother who instilled in him a love of sports and a devout Christian faith that helped him cope when he was diagnosed with Tourette's in the fifth grade. He looks back over his fifteen-year professional career--from becoming the youngest player to win MLS Goalkeeper of the Year to his storied move to the English Premier League with Manchester United and his current team, Liverpool's Everton, to becoming an overnight star after his record-making performance with the United States Men's National Team. He also talks about the things closest to his heart--the importance of family and the Christian beliefs that guide him. Told in his thoughtful and articulate voice, The Keeper is an illuminating look at a remarkable man who is an inspirational role model for all of us.--Amazon.com

Downton Abbey rules for household staff / [Justyn Barnes].
cover image"Containing the most approved directions and guidance for staff in every station within the household in order to discharge their duties correctly & with efficiency, with particular instructions for the butler, housekeeper, cook, valet. lady's maid, footman, housemaid, kitchen staff, and including useful information on tried and tested methods for all."

Faster road racing : 5K to half marathon / Pete Pfitzinger, Philip Latter.
cover image

Your water footprint : the shocking facts about how much water we use to make everyday products / Stephen Leahy.
cover imageThe average American lifestyle is kept afloat by about 2,000 gallons of H2O a day. The numbers are shocking. Your Water Footprint reveals the true cost of our lifestyle. A "water footprint" is the amount of fresh water used to produce the goods and services we consume, including growing, harvesting, packaging, and shipping. From the foods we eat to the clothes we wear to the books we read and the music we listen to, all of it costs more than what we pay at the check-out. The 125 footprint facts in this book show the true cost of our lifestyle and what it is doing to Earth, including draining it dry. The "Virtual Water Concept" shows the amount of water used in human activities. Presented in clever, understandable graphics, Your Water Footprint raises readers' awareness of how much water is used to make the things we use, consume and grow. What we put on our dinner table has a very high cost. Nearly 95 percent of our water footprint is hidden in the food we eat: One pound of lettuce costs 15 gallons of freshwater; mango 190 gallons; avocado 220 gallons; tofu 244 gallons; rice 403 gallons; olives 522 gallons; pork 1,630 gallons; butter 2,044 gallons; chocolate 2,847 gallons; and beef 2,500 to 5,000 gallons. A slice of bread costs 10 gallons but if you eat it with a slice of cheese, it takes another 13 gallons. One glass of beer takes 20 gallons of water, and just one standard cup of tea costs 120 same-sized cups of water. A cotton t-shirt takes almost as much water as beef, a pair of jeans even more. In fact, all aspects of our daily lives require water in some way, shape or form. The saying that "nothing is free" applies more to water than anything else we consume, considering just three percent of the world's water is drinkable and that we are using more of it than ever before. Factor in climate change, population growth and pollution and we have an unsustainable situation. Many experts predict dire water shortages if we continue on our current path. Your Water Footprint is riveting. Consumers of all ages will be stunned by what it reveals. It is an excellent reference and an exciting way to introduce the resource-consumption equation to students. - Publisher.

Bonsai bible : the definitive guide to choosing and growing bonsai / Peter Chan.
cover image

The best place to work : the art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace / Ron Friedman, PhD.
cover imageAward-winning psychologist Ron Friedman uses the latest research from the fields of motivation, creativity, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and management to reveal what really makes us successful at work. Combining powerful stories with cutting-edge findings, Friedman shows leaders at every level how they can use scientifically proven techniques to promote smarter thinking, greater innovation, and stronger performance.

Pressed for time : the acceleration of life in digital capitalism / Judy Wajcman.
cover image

Here / Richard McGuire.
cover image"Richard McGuire's Here is the story of a corner of a room and the events that happened in that space while moving forward and backward in time. The book experiments with formal properties of comics, using multiple panels to convey the different moments in time. Hundreds of thousands of years become interwoven. A dinosaur from 100,000,000 BCE lumbers by, while a child is playing with a plastic toy that resembles the same dinosaur in the year 1999. Conversations appear to be happening between two people who are centuries apart. Someone asking, "Anyone seen my car keys?" can be "answered" by someone at a future archeology dig. Cycles of glaciers transform into marshes, then into forests, then into farmland. A city develops and grows into a suburban sprawl. Future climate changes cause the land to submerge, if only temporarily, for the long view reveals the transient nature of all things. Meanwhile, the attention is focused on the most ordinary moments and appreciating them as the most transcendent"-- Provided by publisher.

Eureka! : discovering your inner scientist / Chad Orzel.
cover image

Embrace the suck : what I learned at the box about hard work, (very) sore muscles, and burpees before sunrise / Stephen Madden.
cover imageA lifelong amateur athlete and former editor of "Bicycling" magazine chronicles the year he devoted to trying to master all of the basic CrossFit exercises and immersing himself in the paleo diet.

Hitler's warrior : the life and wars of SS Colonel Jochen Peiper / Danny S. Parker.
cover image

Let's go crazy : Prince and the making of Purple rain / Alan Light.
cover image"Purple Rain is a song, an album, and a film--each one a commercial success and cultural milestone. How did this semi-autobiographical musical masterpiece that blurred R&B, pop, dance, and rock sounds come to alter the recording landscape and become an enduring touchstone for successive generations of fans? Purple Rain is widely considered to be among the most important albums in music history and often named the best soundtrack of all time. Coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary year of Purple Rain's release, Light takes a timely look at the making and incredible popularizing of this once seemingly impossible project."-- Provided by publisher.

You're not lost if you can still see the truck : the further adventures of America's everyman outdoorsman / Bill Heavey.
cover image"From the beloved Field & Stream everyman, a collection of hilarious, insightful, and moving pieces about a life lived outdoors"--Publisher's website.

Clear the clutter, find happiness : one-minute tips for decluttering and refreshing your home and your life / Donna Smallin.
cover image

Steampunk LEGO : the illustrated researches of various fantastical devices by Sir Herbert Jobson, with epistles to the Crown, Her Majesty Queen Victoria : a travelogue in 11 chapters / by Guy Himber.
cover image"Filled with LEGO-based airships and dirigibles, monowheels and penny-farthings, cabinets of curiosity and robots galore, Steampunk LEGO is an illustrated gallery of Victorian-era treasures, all built from LEGO. This full-color coffee table book is styled as a diary of the fictional Victorian-era explorer Captain Herbert Jobson as he catalogs the wonders of the world for Queen Victoria"-- Provided by publisher.



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